The Party Bus Manila Does Halloween: Get Spooked!


When in Manila, how did you guys spend your Halloween? While there may have been a bunch of other places to party the Halloween weekend away, my partner-in-party Trix and I decided to step our game waaaay high up and spend it in a limo. How’s that for partying in style? No one throws a party quite like the Party Bus Manila, our very own home-grown version of the famous European pub crawl. As expected, the Party Bus Manila crew gave us all a crazy good time; it was definitely a Halloween weekend well-spent!

Hop on The Party Bus Manila! 



The Party Bus Manila gets Spooky this Halloween!

I’m sure you guys know the drill by now: basically what happens is a ridiculously swanked out ride takes you and a group of people around the best party spots in Manila, where you get VIP access, the best seats in the house, and a ton (I really mean A TON) of drinks that’ll have you crawling back home! What made our night even sicker was our ride for the voyage: a totally tricked out white hummer limo! It was a guaranteed head-turner; the perfect ride for the perfect Halloween party!


Inside our insanely dope ride!


For their Halloween special, the Party Bus Manila asked us all to come dressed up as our alter egos. Sighted some sexy devils, PSY, Evita Perón, a cowboy, and a prison slut among those in attendance! Our night began at Bond Pub in Makati, were we all met up and got acquainted with each other over a pretty intense question and answer portion set up by the Party Bus Manila crew. That sure made for some legit socializing! In signature party bus style, we dropped by a total of four bars around the metro, (didn’t need to fall in line of course! VIP access, natch) all of which were only revealed to us the moment we arrived there. It was a bit of a suspense trying to guess where we’ll end up next! But I gotta admit we were too busy having our own crazy party in the limo to even notice. With the Party Bus Manila, the journey is definitely heaps crazier than the destination. ;P

Boo number two!

Sexy devil coming through!


A cowboy and PSY chillin’ with the Party Bus Manila bunch



 Our three other stops for the night were Relik and the Distillery at The Fort, where we had some more happy shots and played even crazier games! I love that we always get VIP tables and complimentary drinks with The Party Bus Manila; it’s partying done right! And what would be better than having an awesomely kick-ass party? Partying some more of course! And that’s exactly what we did that night! We then made our final venture to our last stop at Opus BarResorts World. There we kept the party going ‘til our feet gave in from all the dancing/got drunk enough to only crawl home/the bar closed LOL.

Our next batch of booze courtesy of Relik!


Party hats for Halloween! One of my most fave parts about The Party Bus Manila, making new friends!


Drinks lined up for us at the Distillery, VIP style! 


At our final destination, with more booze to celebrate our arrival!


The best thing about the Party Bus Manila is that you’ll never know what to expect!

Each voyage turns out a different shade of crazy, no two voyages are ever alike, so you’re in for a different experience every time! This is exactly what keeps us coming back to join this crazy party on wheels. The Party Bus Manila is sure sweeter the second time around When in Manila! Can’t wait to have many more cray cray nights with them in the future. 😉


There’s honestly nothing better than having unlimited shots on board, and in a freakin’ limo at that!


Pass the bottle!


That’s how real girls drink!


 Join the party next time!


The Party Bus Manila definitely cooks up one of the best parties in town, whatever the season! I’m sure all that left you guys wanting to join this awesome roving party, so sign up for their next voyage while you can! I hear they’re having 7 different kinds of drinks, and 7 surprises up! Details here:


For more details, email:


Or contact: (02) 637 8112


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Twitter: @thepartybusMNL



The Party Bus Manila Does Halloween: Get Spooked!


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