The Paperdolls S/S 2014 Collection: Fashion That Will Make Guys Go Gaga

The Paperdolls S/S 2014 Collection: Fashion That Will Make Guys Go Gaga


 The 2014 Spring - Summer Collection with the pretty bloggers

The Paperdolls S/S 2014 collection worn by the pretty bloggers.

From left to right:  Carizza Chua, Jackie Go, Ava Te-Zabat & Angela Nepomuceno.


Summer is here. So, brace yourselves for sundresses are coming! 

A week ago, after arriving from a 4-day vacation feeling refreshed and ready to take on new challenges, I checked my Gmail app and saw a post about the chance to shop from the Paperdolls S/S 2014 Collection. This intrigued me because I have always wanted to do a fashion shoot.

Me: If no one is interested, can I take this one? I don’t know anything about dresses and would there be models?

Editor: It’s at 11A.M. and it’s a girly event. Not sure if there will be models. All I know is that we will be shopping.

Me: Interesting. Is someone already going? Can I take it and bring my gf (hoping she can explain things to me) if ever? I’ll write and take the pics.

Editor: Game! 🙂 See you at 11am tomorrow!

I promise, you just can’t make this up.

Anita Martinez (online marketing officer) and on the right is Rea Uy (brand manager).

Ms.Anita Martinez (online marketing officer) and on the right is Ms. Rea Uy (brand manager).

Earlier that day, I received an SMS that my editor won’t make it and in my mind, I thought, “Oh well, there goes my possible model if no one is there”. I looked my girlfriend in eye and instantly knew the answer will be a lovingly, “No”.

The Ortigas traffic was seriously bad that day, but luckily I arrived at the designated place eventually and found out that the other invited bloggers were also going to be late. As I got introduced to Ms. Rea Uy (brand manager) and Ms. Anita Martinez (online marketing officer), I was relieved when bloggers Ms. Ava Te-Zabat, Jackie Go, Carizza Chua and Angela Nepomuceno agreed to be stand-in models.

Ms. Ava Te-Zabat of artsyfartsyava.com

Ms. Ava Te-Zabat of artsyfartsyava.com

The 2014 Florals Line mimics the warmth of summer and the bloom of spring integrating warm pastel colors and floral motifs. After experiencing a cold first quarter in 2014, the first floral design signals the entry of spring or perhaps summer here in the Philippines.

Ms. Jackie Go of gojackiego.com

Ms. Jackie Go of gojackiego.com

Paperdolls reinvents the 2014 Nautical line by mixing timeless designs and a new silhouette, giving femininity to the classic nautical inspired designs with patterns and tones that will remind you of the sun, the sea and the sand. After seeing this line, I couldn’t help but be reminded of seaside restaurants and boutiques along the Greek isles of those countless food and travels shows I’ve seen and the hosts enjoying grilled seafood and local wine.

Ms. Angela Nepomuceno of Lushangel.com

Ms. Angela Nepomuceno of Lushangel.com

Want to know more about what’s going on in the world of fashion this summer of 2014? Check this out: Host Boutique: High Fashion-esque Pieces at Affordable Prices

Ms. Carriza Chua of Carrizachua.com

Ms. Carizza Chua of Carizzachua.com

Lastly, the 2014 Global Prints line is inspired by the rich hues of red and blue patterns in tribal designs, geometric shapes and Baroque prints that give off an Italian city chic feel that will just make you want to sip on your coffee while lounging at your favorite cafe.

After the shoot and pleasantries, I was grateful that the lovely lady bloggers agreed to this mini fashion shoot and also asked them if they ever wondered what I was doing there: a guy at a girly event. Well, who wouldn’t be up to a fun challenge? I’m the guy who covered the Natasha media launch as his first assignment, after all. Besides, it’s always nice to earn some brownie points, have fun and meet new people! 🙂





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The Paperdolls S/S 2014 Collection: Fashion That Will Make Guys Go Gaga