Host Boutique: High Fashion-esque Pieces at Affordable Prices

Host Boutique: High Fashion-esque Pieces at Affordable Prices

When in Manila, you can never run out of places to shop for new pieces to add to your closet! While working on my group’s industry report for school, I found out that some of the biggest/growing industry in the country are security industries, businesses that are related to food, and much to my excitement, clothing industry.

While stalking some of my favorite online shops on Facebook, I came across another clothing boutique that made me squeal in delight like Florence Fling and Runway Dreams did; Host Boutique, a little boutique in the metro that sells high fashion-esque clothing pieces in the country!

Host Boutique

Host Boutique houses a lot of unique pieces that can instantly make any fashionista die with pure excitement from all the beautiful clothes that are available. From dreamlike pink ballerina inspired dresses to sophisticated peach ruffled dresses – you name it!

Host Boutique 2

One of the beautiful pieces that caught my eye in Host Boutique was this short sweetheart bubble dress that is perfect for any cocktail event.

Host Boutique 3

You can pair this mini dress with silver accessories for a more sophisticated look or throw on a black jacket and studded flats like I did for a more edgy look.

Host Boutique 4

I love how the dress is like a blank canvas that allows you to accessorize to your heart’s desire.

Host Boutique 5

The Host Boutique houses some of the girliest dresses in the metro, and this mini dress with lace details is no exception!

Host Boutique 6

One of my favorite trends for the year 2014 is the ruffled hem skirt! No wonder bloggers from all over the world are going crazy for this look!

So, imagine my delight when I saw the Host Boutique have their own version of the ruffled hem skirt!

Host Boutique 7

You can pair the ruffled hem skirt with a simple tee to balance with the high fashion tone of the skirt!

Host Boutique 8

This skirt is just too adorbs, I can’t wait to parade this all over town when I get the chance.

So, when In Manila and looking for a place to score high fashion pieces in a totally affordable price, head on over to Host Boutique for high fashion-esque pieces you wouldn’t want to miss!



Host Boutique


168 Mall Soler Wing 



Host Boutique: High Fashion-esque Pieces at Affordable Prices


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