The NEW Old Spaghetti House

When In Manila, one must never forget to have a food experience from The Old Spaghetti House.

The Old Spaghetti House has been one of the most celebrated restaurants here in the Philippines. I currently visited their Katipunan branch and I must say that having a new menu out in more than 15 branches in the country may be one of the restaurant’s best move ever. Aside from the fact that The Old Spaghetti House has more delectable food to offer, it has shown its customers that TOSH (The Old Spaghetti House, abbreviated) is committed to put its consumers at the center of everything they do. 




The Old Spaghetti House’s 2012 menu is a collaborative effort of TOSH management, family, and loyal patrons; and is a first in the restaurant industry. Back in 2011 TOSH conducted a recipe hunt with participants from various walks of life.  Mylene De Mesa is a corporate communications professional; Cynthia Sto. Domingo is a mother and housewife; while Christian Del Amor Reyes is a hospitality student in St. Dominic College of Asia.  Their recipes are now included in the menu and are expected to win the taste buds, if not the hearts, of customers.”




The Old Spaghetti House’s 2012 menu, just like it’s existing menu; is indeed appetizing, creative, innovative, worth your money and of course, especially made for you! It is a fully loaded menu from Chef Dino Ferrari’s  (winner of a popular culinary reality TV show across Asia: “Search for the Next AFC Celebrity Chef”) Premium Selections. It includes a spectrum of starters, pasta, main courses, desserts and such.



Truffle Pasta with Sauteed Mushroom Linguini Php 265.00




Smoked Mozzarella stuffed Chicken Wrapped in Pancetta Php 285.00




Japanese Tender Beef Ribs served with Rice Pilaf Php 320.00




Italian Panna Cotta Trio (Vanilla, Caramel, Chocolate) Php 155




The Old Spaghetti House‘s Premium Selection Menu offers dishes with imported ingredients like as Truffles, Pancetta and such fit for the Filipino Palette and Wallet. Aside from these scrumptious plates from the new menu, The Old Spaghetti House‘s long time list of various food also features best sellers that are worth coming back to. 




Chef Soc’s Chicken Cordon Bleu in White Sauce with Mushroom and Bacon Php 260.00




Appetizer Platter (Onion rings, Buffao tenders, Calamares) Php 230.00




Capuccino Php 85.00




Matcha Green Tea Php 98.00




Spaghetti with Meatballs Php 190.00




The Old Spaghetti House has a wide array of dishes. Aside from its well-known Spaghetti in different sauces (red,white and special), they also cater to meat lovers, health buffs, pizza addicts, Italian food seekers, recipe hunters and gourmet lovers. The Old Spaghetti House is the go-to place for any occasion, and because of its versatility in the kitchen, it will definitely exceed expectations and surprise us all. 

Aside from good food from  The Old Spaghetti House , good service is also given.  It is indeed a customer-oriented and widely loved restaurant here in Manila! Their new promos are proof of how much they spoil their customers! Check it out!



 Pasta All You Can for Php 150.00 (and Php 50.00 for Unlimited Pizza)




 Celebration Trio 





Kid’s Menu 




The Old Spaghetti House

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Special Thanks to: JB Bolanos and Jocelyn Yabes of TOSH, Rain Pangindian, Sam Chan and Riggy Enriquez for the photos









The NEW Old Spaghetti House


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