The Nail Atelier: Pamper Yourself with their 6-Step Care Routine

Words by Leika Golez

Everyone is just so stressed these days.

With our piling workload and busy schedules, we often neglect to take care of ourselves. But that doesn’t automatically mean that rest days shouldn’t be prioritized. Of course taking a break every once in a while is necessary! Really, how else can we stay sane?

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With that, one of my favorite ways to destress is by getting my nails done. There’s just something nice about getting settled in a comfy chair while your feet are being rubbed and your nails are being cleaned.

Similar thoughts? Then you should go to The Nail Atelier, where you can be pampered with their deconstructed six-step care routine for your hands, feet, and nails. So basically, you can try any of these six steps according to your preferences. In simpler words, you can opt to skip some steps and reorder them as well.

So what are these six steps?

The Nail Atelier Soak

1. Soak

They say that it’s best to get your hands and feet soaked before exfoliation and cleansing. You have four excellent soak options in this salon: Basic, Invigorating, Healing, and Relaxing. Basic is perfect for those trying to save because it comes for free as long as you’re also getting your hands or feet cleaned. Meanwhile, the Invigorating Soak uses peppermint, eucalyptus, and lemon, which means it’s great for recharging your skin. The Healing Soak restores your skin with rosemary. And lastly, the Relaxing Soak uses chamomile, honey, and lavender for calming. These soaks cost P130 for hands and P180 for feet.

The Nail Atelier

2. Exfoliate/ Treat

Now this step is to make your skin smooth and supple by removing all excess dead skin cells. The three types to choose from are the same as the soak options. Note the price change though; it’s P150 for hands and P220 for feet. Additionally, you can also avail of their callus removal and their paraffin treatment.

The Nail Atelier Clean

3. Clean

Needless to say, you’re going to have to clean your nails for that extra polished look. This salon will cut, shape, and clean your fingernails for P180 and your toenails for P220. You can be really detailed with this since you can choose what shape you want (round, square, or squoval). You also have the option of not getting your cuticles removed completely, if at all.

4. Moisturize

All that exfoliating and cleaning can make you dry, so moisturizing is necessary! The options are the same as those in the soak and the exfoliation. Note that their creams are infused with essential oils for that extra punch of moisture. For only P30 for hands and P40 for feet, it’s a real steal!

The Nail Atelier Massage

5. Massage

In my opinion, this is probably the best part of your pampering session. Though you can get a standard massage, you can also try their extended reflexology session. If you’re willing to deeply relax and relieve muscle strain for an additional P300 then this is perfect for you.

The Nail Atelier Gel Polish

6. Beautify

And last but not the least, you can finally get your nails painted! Their polishes dry fast but last long so don’t miss out on this opportunity to have flawless nails. You can choose to have clear polish (P60/P80), regular polish (P140/P160), French tips (P160/P180), gel polish (P600/P630), and nail art (P30 per nail). If you prefer fake nails, you can also avail of their gum nail extension for only P1,500!

The Nail Atelier Waiting Area

You can experience this customizable soothing session at Studio A in Katipunan. The ambience of the actual salon is relaxing too so you’re bound to have a quiet spa day.

So go ahead and spend your much-needed and well-deserved rest day being pampered at the Nail Atelier.

The Nail Atelier Outside

See you there!

The Nail Atelier

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