The Missing Chickenjoy and the Missing #ChickenSad

The Missing Chickenjoy and the Missing #ChickenSad



I miss the Chickenjoy. I have yet to see it back again in Jollibee but I am hopeful it will be there again very soon. I heard some stores are getting it back today, but I haven’t seen it yet in one nearby.

Since last week, the Chickenjoy, a fried chicken dish familiar to most if not all Pinoys, has been missing due to a “glitch” in the system upgrade according to Jollibee. Actually, it isn’t only the Chickenjoy that was missing but also other food items as well although the Chickenjoy is most noticeable because of its massive demand. Due to this, the #ChickenSad gain popularity on Twitter, which was reportedly ignited by KFC’s Twitter post saying: 

ChickenSad (1)

 KFC removes #ChickenSad (3)

Some people say it was a nice marketing move for KFC while others think it was a low blow. What do you think?

However, today, we noticed that the said Twitter post was removed. The link that lead to the Twitter post is no longer available and just showed this.

KFC removes #ChickenSad (2)

The Chickenjoy is still missing from most stores. Now, even the #ChickenSad post is missing.

What do you think is the reason why KFC deleted the said post? Share with us your thoughts.




The Missing Chickenjoy and the Missing #ChickenSad