The Metro Manila Film Festival Will Now Run Twice a Year


Fans of Filipino movies, we have news for you: the annual Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) will be running twice a year, starting in 2020.

The news was announced by the film festival’s Executive Committee (ExeCom), following a proposal by its newest member Senator Bong Go.

The tradition of hosting the MMFF during the Christmas season will remain, and it will be joined by the Metro Manila Summer Film Festival, which will be held from April 11 to April 21.

Like its former runs, the summer edition will see eight entries selected by the Execom to be screened exclusively in movie theaters across the Philippines.

The addition of a second MMFF has been supported by the Cinema Exhibitors Association of the Philippines, the Metro Manila Council, and Metro Manila mayors.

The MMFF is usually held every December, starting on Christmas Day. Since its beginnings in 1975, it has given us cinematic gems such as Insiang, Burlesk Queen, Bona, Kisapmata, and Himala.


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