‘The Matrix’ is Coming Back to the Big Screen for its 20th Anniversary

It has been 20 years since the premiere of the sci-fi classic The Matrix in 1999 and fans have been throwing Matrix watch parties left and right. Now it seems like Warner Bros. wants in on that action. On June 28, Warner Bros. UK re-released The Matrix trailer in HD on their official YouTube account.

It greeted the movie a happy 20th anniversary in the description and revealed that it would be returning to the big screen starting July 12. Now, this re-release of the Keanu Reeves film might just happen in the UK but fans all over the world have been asking for more of Neo and The Matrix for a couple of months now.

Recently, there’s been buzz surrounding the movie series as the Wachowskis are apparently gearing up to film a fourth Matrix film. They’ve even cast their lead actor.

The Matrix probably won’t be re-released in theaters here in the Philippines, but there’s no stopping us from holding our own watch parties!

You can watch the Matrix trailer in HD here:

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Are you going to have a Matrix marathon in celebration of its 20th anniversary? Share your plans with us in the comments!