The Little Mermaid is Getting a Live Musical!

Ready to go under the sea? Well, if not, no worries then as ‘under the sea’ will go to you.

The theme of Disney Princesses seem to be really thriving right now, what with the live-action remakes of classic Disney films left and right. We’ve just seen a live-action adaptation of Beauty and the Beast starring the lovely Emma Watson, and before that there was Cinderella and Snow White. Mulan is upcoming on the big screen, too, as well as a live-action film of The Little Mermaid, although this one takes after the classic Hans Christian Andersen tale.

But how about a live-action musical of The Little Mermaid? Yup, that’s happening, too.


The American TV network is taking on the project, and will apparently be a two-hour show on television featuring “show-stopping live musical performances.

“Cutting-edge technology in implementing the musical was also promised–imagine the challenge in portraying mermaids and fishes in underwater scene…on live television. That’ll be quite the spectacle! The musical is said to be a hybrid of live-action and animation.

As of now, no word has been released yet as to who might be playing the coveted role of Ariel (or any of the cast for that matter), so right now we’re down to guesses. Who do you think will make the best Ariel? Tell us in the comments section!

The Wonderful World of Disney: The Little Mermaid Live! will air on October 2017.