The freshest seafood at Fish & Co!

When In Manila, it has been overly stated that things that are bad for you are also oh so delicious. Though, that is essentially true, you CAN indulge in delicious, savory meals and still get the benefits of nutrition such as Omega-3 fatty acids, Vitamins A, B and D as well as the minerals calcium, iron and so much more in almost every entree at FISH & CO.


Now, it’s not only for the health conscious. That part is merely a bonus. What really gets people in and out of Fish & Co since 1998 is how they prepare their meals: Simple, straight out of the ocean on to the pan freshness.


The first time I had dinner at Fish & Co, I wasn’t so sure about spending couple extra pesos for fish rather than our usual pizza-for-dinner kind of thing. But hey, after our meal, I understood.





A starter of Clam Chowder for Php 140.00 
Serving is good for 1. Clam chowder is my favorite soup next to french onion! I was happy with the Clam Chowder I buy when I take a trip to S&R & the one I’d get in Hyphy’s. I knew how to compare. This was light, creamy and not at all fishy. Though I’d like a bigger serving. But then it would really spoil my main course. I loved the potato pieces and clam bits. 




Mussels in Garlic and Lemon Butter sauce
Php 495.00
Good serving for 2-3 people. I was told the lemon butter sauce was their signature sauce. It was so light. I wanted more garlic though the balance was perfect. I enjoyed conversing with my family while we dug into these mussels piece by piece.  





Php 435.00
It was so soft you can cut it with a spoon! Loved all the herbs and the squeeze of lemony goodness.
Awesome serving. Good for 3-4 people. Perfect with a pint of freshly brewed beer or some of their signature drinks!
Will definitely come back for this one!

Would recommend for you to order their CALAMARES or soup for your appetizer. 





Baked Salmon
Php 650.00
Cooked till 80% done. This vibrant feast of colors looks good as much as it tastes!
The veggies were done just right, the rice pilaf was flavorful. The herb crust on that Salmon made the salmon tasty.
The salmon itself was so fresh. The freshest I’ve had!  Serving was quite big for 1. 



in mushroom cream sauce
Php 595.00
You can choose for a white base which was ours or a tomato based one their very own chili cream sauce with garlic.
Very creamy and the shaved parmesan on top and JUMBO prawns were a winner! Serving good for 1.



Topped with a light and crispy batter with their signature garlic and lemon sauce.
Some people consider this to be the best Fish & Chips in town. Though I’m not a big fan of Cream dory, 
The best part of it was the light batter and soft creamy texture of the fish inside.
Though I’d ask for a couple of heaps more of that sauce and lemon!





Fish Quenchers are all served in a gigantic 1 liter mug all for Php 275.00 . Good for 3-4 people! This is their signature Sharkie Freeze  which is a passion fruit blend. Very citrusy, you’ll love it if you’re into tropical fruit drinks! 


Look at how big it is compared to a glass for 1 person






 VEEEERRRY creamy PANNA COTTA topped with Mango Puree and cherry (Php 245.00)
Good to share for 2.  It comes in a large Martini glass. Very light, not too sweet and loved the tangy-sweetness of the mango! 



Hot Fudge Chocolate Cake with vanilla ice cream (Php 190.00)
Perfect balance of the warm cake and coldness of the ice cream. For me, the star was the ice cream. It was soo light, creamy and you can taste the vanilla. Just how I like my ice cream without any overpowering sweetness.  


 So ravish yourself with healthy heart-friendly meals made from the freshest ingredients straight from the ocean to the pan at Fish & Co!
Don’t forget to try their hefty serving of Salmon, Calamari  and creamy Panna Cotta, WHEN IN MANILA.





 Fish & Co.Alabang Town Center 

(02) 659-3476


Fish & Co.Greenbelt 3 

(02) 729-7431 to 32


Fish & Co.SM Mall of Asia

(02) 556-0683


Fish & Co.Shangri-la Plaza Mall

(02) 910-2140 to 42


Fish & Co.Trinoma Mall

(02) 916-2028



The freshest seafood at Fish & Co!


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