The Fray Live in Manila: Saving Lives One Song at a Time


The Fray Live in Manila!


The first time I heard “How to Save a Life”, I thought to myself, “Wow! That’s a great song! The tune’s really catchy, and its meaning is really profound … Wait, is that Coldplay?


Well okay, I’m sure everybody figured that Chris Martin wasn’t behind the American-accented vocals for one of the most successful singles of 2005. But barring the difference between Chris Martin and Isaac Slade‘s diction and vocal styles (I find Chris’ to be more powerful whereas Isaac’s is more relaxed), the piano-driven musical style of Coldplay and The Fray (their names even rhyme!) is undeniably identical. And while a number of critics point to this fact for downplaying The Fray‘s commercial success, one cannot deny that the band’s songcraft is based on a formula that works.


With three singles – “Over My Head (Cable Car)”, “How to Save a Life”, and “You Found Me” – reaching the top ten of the Billboard Hot 100 and their debut album “How to Save a Life” becoming the best-selling digital album of all time, The Fray has earned multiple awards and nominations from Billboard and the Grammys. Issac’s honest, heartfelt songwriting allow fans to relate to the mortal experiences of love, loss, life, and relationships.


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The Fray is performing Live in Manila months after the release of their third studio album “Scars and Stories”. It will be their first time to perform in the Philippines this June 21 at the brand-new SM Mall of Asia Arena. So When In Manila, catch The Fray Live in Manila as they sing about saving lives, arguing in a cable car, and being found just a little late. Good thing we’re not too late to catch them in concert. So grab your tickets now. Visit or call 470-2222 for the best seats in the Arena.


The Fray Live in Manila

SM Mall of Asia Arena

June 21, 2012

For tickets, visit or call 470-2222


Ticket Prices:

Patron VIP – 6,000

Patron – 5,000

Lower Box – 3,500

Upper Box A – 2,500

General Admission – 1,000


The Fray Live in Manila: Saving Lives One Song at a Time