The Eyebrowdery: 3D Eyebrow Shading, Permanent Lip Make-up, and More

Dear Ladies, do you feel so extended all the time? False lashes, sky high heels, fierce winged liners, plumped lips, and even overtime at work could all sometimes be way too heavy for the heart.

Free yourself from all these beauty burdens, now possible thanks to The Eyebrowdery!

The Eyebrowdery Beauty Nalang MayForever00007

Smell the vanity in the air. You’ll get attracted by The Eyebrowdery’s highly neat interiors of mixed modernistic metal and off white fixtures. The Eyebrowdery stands out from the too-demure-too-girly beauty salons in Manila. No wonder that they continue to entice even the men for grooming.

11036077 1607021456237165 4073340206572946367 n Real men know how to groom. 

The Eyebrowdery Beauty Nalang MayForever00002Natural Looking Eyebrow shades to choose from.

Klarisse Yu Tabao, founder of The Eyebrowdery, shared that her mother’s brow-tattoo-gone-red was her motivation in putting up a salon focusing on eyebrow embroidery. Klarisse even studied at Singapore, the pioneer of such art.

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Sharpen pencils no more. Trash the brush!!! Throw your templates. Wave hello to The Eyebrowdery 3D plus shading. It’s easy as one two three. Get styled. Choose a swatch. Have a beauty sleep. And voila! Wake up to a long lasting brow. Does it hurt? It’s just like a mosquito bite, dear.

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The Eyebrowdery Beauty Nalang MayForever00014Fear not. Anesthesia will be your best friend.

Hate late date nights with bae? The Eyebrowdery offers natural looking eyeliner. Crying with no make-up on won’t be such a problem anymore. No more panda eyes. Plus, you can request if you’d like them to wing it for you. Get your date wondering why you are so early for the date. 

The Eyebrowdery Beauty Nalang MayForever00008Sleeping Beauty. It’s minimum to zero pain.

The Eyebrowdery Beauty Nalang MayForever00017

Feathers are cute and fluffy but not on your face. Say bye bye to monobrows! Beat bushes with The Eyebrowdery Threading. They can get it done in a jiffy. Spoil your brows some more with this beauty indulgence they offer: free makeup after your session. Neat, huh?

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Revive your puckers with The Eyebrowdery Make-out Proof Lip Job. This is the declaration of freedom from endless re-application! Just choose a color from their wide array of lip palette.

The Eyebrowdery Beauty Nalang MayForever00004Sexy lips sans the filter. This neutralizes your lip color before adding the perfect shade for your skin.

The Eyebrowdery Beauty Nalang MayForever00013Swatch match. Oh which one will it be?! Eenie meenie minie moo.  

Every woman deserves the perfect claws. Enjoy The Eyebrowdery’s gel manis and pedis. You may even take it up a notch with The Eyebrowdery Little Onesies Princess Treatment. Try their hand and foot spa. Eliminate the smelly melly footsies and sweaty hands per session.

The Eyebrowdery Beauty Nalang MayForever00003

The Eyebrowdery Beauty Nalang MayForever00005I like it French. French Nails in the making.

Have you nursed before? The Eyebrowdery offers Nipple Treatments to bring back that like-a-virgin glow. 

The Eyebrowdery Beauty Nalang MayForever00018 The Eyebrowdery Staff with their Make-out Proof Lip Job

The Eyebrowdery offers cut-sized and measured treatments. Indeed beauty is symmetry. “Your approval is very important,” Klarissa shares. According to her, it’s not just sheer styling. It’s doing what’s best for each customer. If well kept, the finished products of their procedures may last 2-5 years or more.

For safety purposes, medical histories are required. The Eyebrowdery offers patch test prior to going under the needle to see if you have any allergic reactions.  Strictly 18 and above females only.

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The Eyebrowdery looks forward to spread the love for brows on the South Area, The Fort and Quezon City. Heads up, for their Blush On Treatment is soon to launch.

Hit like! See promos on The Eyebrowdery Facebook Page for groufies, weddings, and OFW promos. The BFF Bundle is still on for July. Have a 2-3 hour treat with three of your besies.



The Eyebrowdery
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