The Dog Park is ready to take care of your most beloved doggies


Are you planning for a longer vacation but worries where to leave your beloved dog-babies? Well, I’m happy to share with you the great news! Finally, there’s a place where your doggies will be well taken care of no matter how long you leave them there. The Dog Park now accepts advanced reservations for LODGING, DAY CARE & GROOMING services.



The Dog Park has a very spacious area where dogs can play and roam around.



Happy dogs = Happy owners 😀



And if you are wondering if there is an outdoor play area, YES! The Dog Park also has one. Dogs are not just confined in one place but are also allowed to play and socialize outside.




This is Harley, a handsome golden retriever getting more love and pampering


ear cleaning

nail clipping

brushing the teeth

and finally.. cleaning Harley’s anal glands.


The anal sacs of dogs should be emptied at least every two months because these sacs contain thick, oily and stinky stuff that usually causes that “fishy” smell. (“Due to the graphic nature of this procedure. I opted not to take photos” – Charson Yu)



Harley’s owner, Laris, mentioned that Harley is usually tensed in other dog spas; but, here in The Dog Park, Harley looks very much relaxed and seems to be having a grand time.




WHEN IN MANILA, bring your dogs to THE DOG PARK where you won’t have to worry leaving them here because the owners are certified dog lovers who will provide utmost care for your babies. (TIP: it will also be more fun if you could bring your dog’s favorite toy.)  The Dog Park is truly your dog’s home away from home 🙂




30 F. Banaag Street, Barangay Pineda,

Pasig City, Philippines



For inquiries, please call or text:

Karen Vigo / Ruth Ofelia Cariño: 0905-333-7921

 (They also offer home pet grooming services)


Facebook: The Dog Park

Twitter: @the_dog_park


WhenInManila photos by  JoTan23


The Dog Park is ready to take care of your most beloved doggies


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