The Curse Of The Millennial’s Wandering Soul

We millennials live in an interesting time — we’re now moving in a world where having a blog can earn you enough money to sustain a lifestyle, where passion and profit can mean the same thing in terms of a career, where travelling and seeing the world is encouraged to feed one’s soul — ultimately, it’s an era where the possibilities of life are only limited by your imaginations.

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The thing is, millennials are wanderers by nature. We’re the writers of our own fate, and the infinite promises of the future is exciting! Yet like a double-edged sword, this also has a catch: the many, many choices of what we could be possibly doing with our lives can get overwhelming and confusing. Our generation’s passion and vigour for life isn’t a bad thing; it only means that we’ve got enough creativity to go around and make the best of what the world has to offer us. Hence, our generation’s notoriety for jumping from one job to another, much to the chagrin of our employers (often, from an older generation): we just can’t stop from getting our hands on everything we can!

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Such is the “curse” of Generation Y, indeed. We’re at that crossroads of our lives when we’ve gone out of our teens, which means we’re not an adolescent anymore, but somehow, we just don’t feel quite “adult” yet. Like our constantly restless selves, are we doomed to perpetual career-switching? Are we ever going to find our true selves, our true calling? Why didn’t they teach this back in college?!

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If the above description already makes you want to bury your head in a nearest pillow and just disappear off the face of the earth, fret not, fellow millennial: you’re not alone. I, too, was once like you. Like puberty some years ago, this is yet another one of those awkward phases when you’re finally beginning to find your sense of self and purpose. And with the help of La Vie Institute, I’ve gone closer to knowing myself more than I’ve ever been.


So while summer is nearing and you’ve got a few months left to straighten yourself out, I highly encourage enrolling at La Vie Institute, or as I’d like to call it, the school for the millennial’s wandering soul.

La Vie Institute: School For The Millennial’s Wandering Soul

5. They teach you how to be an “adult” — in the most fun and creative ways possible!

La Vie Institute team building stress management

Whether you’re fresh out of college or you’ve been working “in the real world” for a few years now, La Vie Institute’s courses teach you how to improve your professional image in the most fun ways possible! So whether there’s something in particular you’d like to work on, from conducting yourself during meetings and interviews, to dressing smartly and fashionably for the workplace, there’s definitely a class for you.

It’s not all about polishing first impressions professionally, though. At its core, La Vie brings you out of your shell, and helps you develop people skills, as well as the maturity and emotional aptitude to deal with adulthood.


4. Small, intimate classes with mentors who will help you improve on every aspect of your well-being.

La Vie power dressing

La Vie’s mentors aren’t called “lecturers” or “facilitators” for good reason: they act as life mentors for the duration of your stay at the institute. As opposed to attending seminars in large conference halls, every class has an intimate feel, where you get to know each other on a more personal level, and even the mentors get to know you better so they can help you on an even more personal level — something we don’t always get in school or in conferences.


3. Genuine friendships are formed inside the classrooms.

La Vie friendsLa Vie friends at a classmate’s wedding: Doesn’t get any more intimate than this!

The classmates I’ve met at La Vie have become some of my very good friends. Perhaps it’s the small size of the class that’s made us bond together even more, or that shared sentiment of being a “work in progress” on ourselves, that going through these things together show that friendship is more than just having shared interests. Something meaningful especially for introverts!


2. Every session is geared towards knowing yourself more: by highlighting your strengths and improving on your weaknesses.

La Vie Institute stress management team building

In every class at La Vie Institute, you’re encouraged to dig deep within you and play with your strengths! At the same time, knowing what your weaker areas are is already a huge step in knowing yourself more and finding your sense of purpose.


Millennial employees are constantly criticized, for example, for not being able to communicate their needs well. Great rapport-building and people skills are becoming more valuable and rare especially in a technology-driven world, something that La Vie helps you build. A lot of us also deal with a lack of confidence, and have a hard time creating a lasting impact on people — etiquette training and theatre arts workshops (hey, don’t knock it ’til you’ve tried it!) geared to boosting confidence and wit will fix that.

In every step of the course at La Vie Institute, from beginning to end, mentors try to get to know you more on a personal level and zero in on the aspects that you would like to work on, and help you achieve that goal.


1. La Vie’s Total Personality Development Workshops are MORE than just a “personality development program”.


If modelling and photoshoots come to mind upon hearing “personality development program”, you don’t have to worry about this being just exclusively for aspiring artistas. La Vie’s total personality development course isn’t just about projecting confidence on the outside — it’s about having that inner confidence and self-awareness that matches your outer self. I guarantee that you will walk away from La Vie Institute having a better sense of what you want to do in the next phase of your life.

Conquer the world, millennials — one program at a time!

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