The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina: Part 2 will be out sooner than you think!

Netflix decided to give us an early Christmas gift. Not only did they drop the new teaser for The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina earlier today, but they also promised an early release date along with it.

For fans who have been anxiously anticipating another October release for the second season, never fear — the new episodes of CAOS will be streaming on April 5. That’s just four more months from now!

Anyone groaning at home at the thought of waiting another four months should not watch the new teaser for CAOS. I promise it will only make you more impatient. We get that trademark Spellman snark, a whole lot of Nick Scratch (my fave), and interesting new relationship developments.

But let’s dissect this for a bit, shall we? There are so many things about this teaser I wanna take apart until we finally get this second season.

From the more mature shift in style to the new crowd we see Sabrina hanging out with, I can only hope this signifies her (spoiler!) embrace of the dark arts is something of a more permanent nature. If it was though, it’s a bit surprising to see her still going through the halls of her human high school.

Didn’t we leave season 1 with her unceremoniously bidding her human life goodbye?

Speaking of goodbyes — one second we have Sabrina kissing Harvey and the next she’s with Nick? But then we also have Harvey potentially flirting with Ros? Color me confused.

This teaser definitely left me with more questions than answers. What are you most excited about for in CAOS: Part 2?