The Black Mirror movie is out and you get to choose how it ends

In case you haven’t opened your Netflix account in the past couple of days here’s some news for you — Black Mirror: Bandersnatch is out and it’s a choose-your-own-adventure kind of movie. Although we teased this idea before, the reality of it is a little unbelievable.

According to the creative team behind the movie, there are more than a trillion possible permutation of choices you can make as the characters. Some are choices of no consequence, like the cereal the lead character has in the morning. Others are not so meaningless — but we’re not about to spoil what kind of decisions those are.

Ultimately, there is a total of five different endings. It’s the paths to get there that take the longest time. This is in part due to the ability to have “do-overs”. Key characters might ask if you’re sure about a certain choice, or if you want to turn back at a given point. Taking those do-overs will lead to a movie about 90 minutes in length. Refusing the do-overs and making quick decisions can make the movie as short as 40 minutes.

But what is the adventure even about?

Well, the spoiler-free summary is that the movie revolves around Stefan, a teenager who tries to turn his favorite sci-fi book into a video game. The twist? The book, Bandersnatch, was a multiple-choice adventure which was so complex that its author went crazy while writing it. As Stefan attempts to recreate the adventure, his grip on reality starts to loosen as well.

You can check out the trailer below to get a clearer picture:

If you’ve already seen the film but curious about the other endings, we’ve got you covered. An image which maps out the choices and outcomes of Bandersnatch has been going around the internet. Give it a read instead of spending the next five hours playing and replaying the movie! (SPOILERS AHEAD!!!)

Let us know how your adventure goes and which ending you go for!