The Better Story Project for a better YOU!


The Better Story Project for a better YOU!


When in Manila got inspired with The Better Story Project.



The Better Story Project for a better YOU! 


One Saturday, I was one of the lucky (few) girls invited to an afternoon of fun and inspiration at Galileo Enoteca Deli in Eastwood.



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I was actually nervous and excited at the same time as I have no idea as to what is going to take place on that day. I was nervous because I thought they would require us to share a story/sad event in our lives. But I was so wrong.



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Oh so YUMMY! food served that day 

It was an all-girls afternoon. There were around 20-25 people invited, some already friends with one another and the others (like me and my cousin) are newbies. Nevertheless, we did not feel like we were out of place. Everyone was so friendly.

We were served some snacks which we munched on as we listened to the speakers.



Isa, one of the founders of The Better Story Project

Isa gave a short introduction as to what The Better Story Project is. I found out that it started October last year, it was founded by 6 girls and they were already giving inspirational talks to women every month. Isa pointed out that they wanted to create a community for women for them to be empowered. They wanted a community in which everyone can share and build confidence in each individual. Through this small step, everyone can help one another through each journey.

After Isa gave her speech, she introduced the guest speaker for the day… And I was so happy that it was one of my favorite bloggers, Arriane Serafico, the WanderrGirl herself!



Arriane Serafico of WanderrGirl.com!

Arriane gave a talk or should I say shared her life experience with us that afternoon. Her life story is very inspiring. How she was able to pick herself up after being dragged down made me realize that every girl has a light within her. We just need to have the courage to ignite it.

She also shared some life lessons which I will forever remember about EMPOWERMENT.

3 Misconceptions about Empowered Women:

1. That women have to look and be a certain way.

—strong and empowered girls can still be… GIRLS. They don’t have to act/dress tough or manly to look and feel empowered. They should still act like their normal selves.

2. That women have to be strong and empowered ALL THE TIME.

—empowered girls are allowed to be scared, sad, hurt, etc. They shouldn’t be acting all strong and tough all the time.

—STRONG is a CHOICE. “If you can’t be strong today, you can still be strong tomorrow.”

And lastly…

3. That EMPOWERMENT is a solo act.

—you don’t need to be alone to called empowered. We all need help and assistance sometimes, and that’s fine. What matters is that we help each other reach our goals. Empowerment is sharing and helping one another.



 Arriane sharing her thoughts on Women Empowerment