The Beehive Pastries: Sweet Treats for Beyond the Holidays!

The BeehivePastries: Sweet Treats for Beyond the Holidays!


WHEN IN MANILA, the holiday season was the best thing that could ever happen to a food junkie like me. After all, I didn’t just get a cheat day or a cheat week; instead, I got almost a whole month of good food and pigging out without having to worry about what people would think of me or the pounds that I would pack on. Even after all of the good food one on the table, though, it has to be said that life will no longer be complete without a table full of sweet treats from The Beehive Pastries by my side.

The Beehive Pastries is an online pastry store that bakes some of the most fantastic desserts I have ever feasted on. So, while we count down to the New Year today and think about the year beyond it, let’s make it more fun by snacking on The Beehive Pastries’ amazing desserts during 2014!


4. Cornflake Cookies

The Beehive Pastries 1

I have always been a cookie girl, but in my nineteen years of existence, I have never heard of cornflake cookies until I came across The Beehive Pastries. These soft batch cookies coated in super crunchy cornflakes are perfect for the people who want the same goodness of any cookie minus the over the top sweetness and calories.


3. Fudge Brownies

The Beehive Pastries 2

The Beehive Pastries’ good ol’ fashion fudge brownies remind me of one of my favorite snack, The Two Bite Brownies. The cake is so soft and most that one can’t help but reach out for more of these these treats down to the very last piece.


2. Apple Crumble

The Beehive Pastries 3

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. Whenever I snack on apple pies, I always always make sure to remove the apple pieces inside, and munch on the crust only. The Beehive Pastries’ apple crumble quickly became one of my favorites. I love how The Beehive Pastries’ apple crumble is not only generously filled with apple pieces, but also with crunchy nuts! The crust is bakes to perfection, and the apple sauce, heaven.


1. KitKat Cake 

The Beehive Pastries 4

KitKat, M&M’s, and moist chocolate cake, this KitKat cake from The Beehive Pastries is the ultimate triple threat that could turn any chocolate hater (if there is even any) into an ultimate chocolate lover! Although the Beehive Pastries KitKat cake is too beautiful to eat, once you try a bit of it, you can’t stop yourself from having another slice.

The Beehive Pastries 5Look at the overload of colorful M&M’s!


So if you’re looking for the perfect gift for this holiday season or the perfect treats to fill your dining table, don’t forget to check out The Beehive Pastries for sweet treats you don’t wanna miss WHEN IN MANILA.



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The Beehive Pastries: Sweet Treats for Beyond the Holidays!