The 5 Types of People You’ll See in Rakrakan Festival

Written by: Kat Mayuga
Photos by: Eunick Nobe, JC Deocares, Lisa Marie David, Kerwin Riego De Dios
Graphics by: Mari Lorica

The Rakrakan Festival at the Aseana Concert Grounds last February 24, 2018 was a solid 10. With more than a hundred bands rocking on five different stages in one night, the crowd definitely had an awesome time.

Rakrakan Festival is such a big event that it attracts concert-goers all over the Philippines from different walks of life. Here are some of the types of people you will meet and rock out with at Rakrakan Festival:

5. The Hardcore Rakista

Dressed in all-black with long hair and dark eyeliners, these folks know every trivia about their favorite band’s members. Ask them the history of Guns n’ Roses or Metallica—I’m sure they’ll be able to tell you in detail.

4. The one who doesn’t know the lyrics to the song but still sings out loud

Yes, it’s easier to memorize your favorite song lyrics than your math formulae, but some people would still sing their hearts out even when they don’t really know the words. Try not to laugh when you hear someone singing “If our love is Sarah G, why are you my Gary V.?”

3. The Pitbull

A rock festival is not complete without a mosh pit. Of course, there is someone who will always do the honors of starting the pit by charging everyone else like a bull.

2. The wall

These are the tall guys who will make their way to the front, blocking everyone’s view. Wanting to get that free t-shirt that your idol is throwing away to the crowd? Well, too bad. It probably won’t get past through the wall.

1. The “Unofficial Docu Team”

Can’t see the performers on stage because you’re short or because of The Wall? Don’t you worry because the “Unofficial Docu Team” has the solution to your problem. Missed that awesome guitar spin? They’ve probably already posted it on their Instagram Stories. If you’re too short to even get a glimpse of the stage in front, you can even watch the whole show on their cellphone screens while they’re recording it.

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Which of these types of people did you meet at Rakrakan Festival? Or, try this Concert Bingo out and see who you’ll meet on your next rock festival!

Rakrakan Festival


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