The 25 Hottest Filipina Models / Booth Babes at the 2016 Manila Auto Salon

Each year, one of the most awaited events for men is the Manila Auto Salon. It’s that one time a year when men can look at amazing cars in custom designs. It can be a pretty overwhelming experience seeing great cars, but it’s a good thing that booth babes are there to distract us. And boy did they distract us. This year’s group of models were so pretty that we almost forgot about the cars! Well, almost.

Our photographers Peter Baltazar, Dennisis Austria, Doc Eric Camacho, and Brian De Guzman had a great time photographing these beauties, and we compiled the 25 hottest Filipina models and booth babes at the 2016 Manila Auto Salon.

Check out our list below:


25. Starting off our list on the right note is this tall, beautiful cowgirl, Miranda Aldana. We bet she has the right skills to tame us!





24. Given Teves looks like the kind of girl who knows how to have fun, which is one of the reasons why she’s on our list. The others? Just look at her sweet smile!





23. There’s a certain charm girls-next-door have, and we’ve fallen in love with the sweet face of Kariz Espena!





22. Tina Kimura is sexy and sultry, and looks like she can do bad things to you if you make her angry. Don’t get on this gorgeous girl’s naughty list. Or maybe you should.





21. If looks could kill, Sachi Chinda could kill you. But it’s a death we’re willing to go through because damn, that girl can stare!





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