The 25 best places to cry in Manila

Iyakin? Me, too. Sometimes you just can’t help it and the tears just start flowing–don’t worry, I get you! And sometimes, you just need a great place to cry.

Again, I got you.

I asked around and I personally cried in different spots just to see how conducive they were to just letting it all out. And here are the results:

25. In the dressing room

It’s well-lit, private, and you even have a mirror there that you can flash the peace sign at while you’re trying on clothes! Just make sure you don’t get mascara on that white sweater you’re wrestling on!

Peace sign while crying meme

24. Near Manila Bay

Especially during sunset hours! Nothing like looking out into the water to really get the emotions going.

23. Rooftops

There’s just something about seeing a skyline and watching the sky turn from blue to orange to deep blue that lets you feel your feelings a little deeper. The wind in your hair, the hurt in your heart, let it out, siz.

22. Ayala Triangle, Makati (especially during the Christmas lights show)

The Christmas lights show is cry-worthy itself but the Ayala Triangle is so picturesque, you feel like you’re crying in a film. It’s a great choice, tried it out for myself.

Ayala Triangle Gardens Light Show

21. Christ the King Adoration Chapel

Nothing like a quiet chapel to inspire thoughts–both moving and sad. Whatever your reason to cry, if you feel a connection to the spiritual, this might be the place for you!

20. Starbucks, Temple Drive

I love crying where I can inhale coffee beans even through all my tears. The baristas are super nice, too, and gave me extra tissue very sneakily just so I could wipe my tears. Shout-out to all you nice baristas!

19. In 7/11

Tissues? Check. A tub full of ice cream? Check. Emergency mascara in case of running? Check. What better place than 7/11? It’s got everything you need.


18. Beside the window (especially in a high-rise building overlooking the city)

Looking down at the city makes everything seem so small… even maybe your problems. Even the things hurting you. Or the boy breaking your heart.

17. Fire escapes

Want some privacy? Nothing better than the fire escape. No one’s there, it’s got the cinematic wind, and you can cry as loudly as you like.

16. 12th floor chapel, De La Salle University

It’s got the height and the quiet–what more could you ask for? Privacy + you don’t have to leave campus.

15. Benches in Capitol Commons, Kapitolyo

Capitol Commons is a pocket of fresh air in an otherwise crowded Metro Manila. So obviously it’s perfect for a good cry.


14. Shangrila CR, New wing

Nothing like newly-polished marble in a mall bathroom for crying acoustics. Sobbing never sounded so good.

13. Chapel of Saint Padre Pio, Shangrila

After the CR, maybe you’d like to make a stop at the chapel!

12. Chapel, University of the Philippines Diliman

We didn’t forget about our Maroon friends! Make a stop at the chapel at UP Diliman for some quiet time and for time to reflect and let it out.

11. Burgos Circle Park

Parks aren’t the most private place for sure but they’re pretty scenic so if you’re into the idea of being surrounded by nature whie you sob, this is the place to be!


10. In a sad movie

Sometimes when you’re sad, you just have to watch sad movies! It’s cathartic, and it’s like someone out there feels that same pain you feel!

9. Bathroom cubicles

Cubicles have been a long-time favorite of mine–and many others–and for good reason. Convenient, no one has to see your tear-stricken face, and you can just walk out like nothing happened afterwards.

8. Loyola School of Theology, Ateneo de Manila University

There is hardly a view more breathtaking than that of the one in the Loyola School of Theology. It’s beautiful, picturesque, and it’ll make you feel like your hurt is gone with the wind. Watch Marikina unfold in front of you as your tears flow.

View of Marikina from Loyola School of Theology Ateneo de Manila University

7. In the library

There’s no otherworldly quiet like the library–just make sure you don’t cry too loud!

6. In really bad traffic

Traffic is tear-inducing already, why not cry about other things as well? Anyway, the personal space that is your vehicle will protect you from judging eyes!

5. San Antonio Chapel, Makati

Another chapel–of course! For our more Southern friends, the San Antonio chapel is so beautiful it might just make you cry on its own.

4. Sunken Garden, University of the Philippines Diliman

One of the respondents said that if you cry here, people won’t mind because they get it, too. They’re probably there to do the same thing, tbh.

3. McDonald’s Katipunan

Nothing like a busy fast food restaurant to mask your tears. And you can buy nuggets after!


2. On the P2P

“People won’t want to sit next to you,” said our respondent. And we think that’s perfect.

1. Church of the Gesu, Ateneo de Manila University

Just look at it. How could you not cry?

Church of the Gesu

Where do you cry? Let us know! 

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