The 11 Kinds of People in Every Barkada During a Summer Outing


Summer is just around the corner, and every barkada is starting to plan out their weekend getaway out of town. See if you can identify which of your friends match the following personalities:

11. The Project Leader


This friend is the reason why barkada outings happen in the first place. They concretize the plans by monitoring seat sales, making the itinerary, and reminding the group that the trip is really happening. They’re also, more often than not, the ones who want to go on this vacation the most—if it means getting away from work for a short while.

10. The Kaladkarin


No matter what the occasion, no matter where the trip will be, and no matter who is asking, this friend is always game to go. Whether it’s to a beach or a different country, you can count on them to say “G!” They’ve got all the time in the world, after all.

9. The Photographer


There always HAS to be someone who will take all your photos during the trip. How can you all post stunning beach photos on Instagram with the hashtags #WishYouWereHere and #SquadGoals without one?

8. The Copywriter


This friend may not help out in much of the planning, but their best input will always be the witty and funny group hashtag.

7. The Ghost


a.k.a. that friend who’s still part of the group chat but just leaves every message you send on “seen.”

Friend, buhay ka pa ba?

6. The Paasa


They say they’ll go, but once the date draws near, they’ll back out at the last minute. And it’s always some random excuse, too. Well, it’s their loss if they’d rather go to the birthday of their dad’s cousin’s second daughter than go on your barkada roadtrip.

5. The Party Animal


The party will always be on with this friend around! Count on them to bring all the booze and make up the best drinking games every night. Fair warning, though: you’re going to need a lot of water on the trip.

4. The Maharot


This friend will always be game to go on barkada trips if it means getting to meet new people. You’ll always have to keep an eye out for this one when you’re out exploring because they might disappear on you to meet their Tinder match.

3. The Feeling Influencer


Don’t be surprised if you’ll have to make frequent stops while you’re exploring places because this friend will always find a great spot to take Instagram-worthy pics of themselves and their outfits. They’re always trailing behind the barkada photographer because they’re the ones who can bring your vision to life.

2. The Tita


The Tita of the group is always prepared with her big handbag full of necessities—fan, umbrella, crackers, hand sanitizer, tissues, medicines, and, of course, the whiteflower or katinko. They almost always want to take a nap or head to bed early.

  1. The Adventurer


This friend is cool to be with because they’re always on the lookout for experiences that your barkada can have that’s off the beaten track. They try to see the place through a local’s perspective, which means chatting with random strangers on the street or hunting down spots that aren’t written on most itineraries online. They just want to make sure that, while the barkada is here to have a good time, everyone gets to have a renewed and greater appreciation for the town, beach, or city they’ve visited.

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