Telltale Signs You’re turning Into A #Tita

We were all young once and woth that comes boundless energy and enthusiasm for people and parties. But, things change, and well, you can’t be young forever!

If you’re an older millennial like me, you feel the changes already. Little by little you are turning into a #tita. ???? And though at the end of the day you’ve still got some fight in you, fact remains that you have been exhibiting telltale true tita signs.

Exhibit A from a recent #LaBoracay Party trip I took:

Hi pls subscribe to my personal vlog ????

There is no one thing that makes you into a #tita just like that so I decided to make a list of all the little things that maturity is just around the corner *cough*getting old*cough*

1.) Staying in early in the evening ALWAYS seem like such a good idea

The sheets, these pillows are always soo inviting! How can you leave ????

Sleeping time. I think.

2. ) When you pass furniture stores, you actually pause and look at the pretty pieces

Part of building a home includes making it pretty!

tita wants furniture

3.) You’ve taken up a random #tita hobby like gardening or cross stitch

Because it may be #tita but it’s actually fun!


4.) You’ve Googled home appliances at some point

Ya gotta do what ya gotta do.

washing machine tita

5. ) Your night outs now usually involve chill wine nights

They also now start at dinner and end at around 11-12 as opposed to your old schedule of meeting at around 10 pm and hitting clubs till morning


6.) Your bag now has a pamaypay and wet wipes in it

And please, they are the most useful things!

If you exhibit some or all of these symptoms, have no fear! At the end of the day we all grow old and embracing #titahood is just part of the crazy adventure that is life. Enjoy it!

What do you think? What #Tita telltale signs did I miss?


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