Teen Hears the Words “Chicken Fillet”, Wakes up From Coma

Turns out, it’s his favorite dish!

On July 2020, an 18-year old male surnamed Chiu from Hsinchu County, Taiwan was badly injured in a traffic accident. Since then, he had been in a coma for 62 days—that is, until he suddenly woke up when his brother mentioned the words “chicken fillet.”

Photo from Hot Star PH

Photo from Hot Star PH

Chiu was riding his scooter when he got involved in a road accident that left him with serious damage to multiple organs in his body. According to a report from Taiwan News, when he was rushed to the hospital, he was rated with a coma index of three.

Hsieh Tsung-hsin, the director of Intensive Care Unit at Ton Yen General Hospital, explained that Chu had “subdural hydrops, pneumothorax, laceration of spleen, right kidney, and liver, bleeding from abdominal cavity fractures, common iliac artery bleeding, and most of his internal organs were seriously damaged.” When doctors performed an emergency surgery, they were thankfully able to stabilize his condition. However, he fell into a deeper coma.

According to a report from UDN, Chiu underwent 6 operations while hospitalized. These include craniotomy, laparotomy, right kidney nephrectomysplenectomy, liver repair, right clavicle and right femur open reduction and internal fixation (ORIF), bilateral internal iliac artery embolization to stop bleeding, and enterostomy. According to Hsieh, Chiu’s strong will helped him survive all that, along with the staff’s approach of repairing his body one step at a time.

As Chiu was fighting for his life, his family stayed by his side, hoping for him to wake up soon. On the 62nd day of his coma, his brother jokingly said that he was going to eat his favorite chicken fillet—which generated a response from Chiu. His pulse accelerated and his vital signs began stabilizing. He then regained consciousness, recovering from the ordeal.

Photo from UDN.com

Photo from UDN.com

After being discharged, Chiu recently returned with a cake to thank the medical team, crediting his successful recovery to their tireless efforts.

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