This fried chicken pillow is what dreams are made of (and it has ASMR sizzling, too)

Let the soothing sounds of sizzling chicken put you to sleep

If food is all you think about—day or night—then we bet you’ll love this fried chicken pillow!

A real treat for fried chicken fans, the “Mocchiri Juicy Karaage Cushion” or Springy Juicy Fried Chicken Cushion was created by Japanese brand Felissimo. And yes, it looks exactly like a piece of deep-fried chicken—from the uneven curves of the Karaage, down to the springy texture of the crispy thigh meat.

Photo from PR Times

Photo from PR Times

According to a report from the PR Times, Mocchiri Juicy Karaage Cushion is sold for 3,300 yen each (around PHP 1,524) and comes in three designs: the standard fried chicken that is “small and easy to eat” (left); fried chicken that’s “so good you’ll want to save it for the end of the meal” (middle); fried chicken with “the best ratio of meat and skin” (right). It’s perfect for the fried chicken connoisseur!

Photo from PR Times

Photo from PR Times

But wait, there’s more. Each fried chicken pillow comes with a side pocket for your smartphone… where you can play the satisfying ASMR sounds of chicken sizzling in a fryer! How cool is that?

Just play this 15-minute clip they’ve provided and let yourself be soothed to sleep with the sounds of sizzling chicken:

Like all of Felissimo’s other products, the fried chicken pillows were designed with strict attention to detail and thorough research to make it as close to the real deal as possible. Although these pillows are not available in Philippine stores just yet, Felissimo offers worldwide shipping through its website.

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