Here’s Why You Should Teach Your Kids to Make Healthy Choices

It may sound like a cliché, but everybody learns through experience. Experiential learning, as propounded by psychologist David Kolb, suggests that experiences can influence a person’s learning process. Concrete experiences are transformed into knowledge that enables us to reflect, theorize, and even experiment. This same principle can be applied when instilling in our kids the value of prioritizing healthy options in their choices, including food.

“Introducing your kids to the kitchen, letting them help you prepare meals, does not only serve as a bonding activity for the family. It’s also an opportunity for you to show them the importance of healthy choices,” explains Dianne Dupa, RND, Wellness Business Unit Manager of Breville in the Philippines.

Dupa further shares that showing our kids that healthy meals are fun and convenient to create can help them better appreciate kitchen duties, equipping them not only with knowledge but also the confidence that they, too, can make healthy meals for themselves. Apart from that, Richie Zamora of The Picky Eater believes that giving kitchen tasks to kids also makes it less troublesome to feed even the pickiest eaters.

“There are days when my kids can become very picky eaters. It is really frustrating coming from a picky eater like me; but we have realized that if we are able to make them part of the process, they’d be able to understand the worth of the hard work, creativity, and time spent in preparing these meals that they used to refuse to eat. So, every time we have the chance, we work with them in the kitchen. Of course, we only assign them age-appropriate tasks,” he explains.

Acknowledging the importance of learning experiences in nurturing our kids’ healthy choices and the company’s commitment to equipping Filipino families to master a healthy lifestyle, Breville Philippines launches Breville Blooms.

“This is our 10th year in the Philippine market and to celebrate this milestone, we’d like to further our thrust of helping Filipino families become armed with the right knowledge and skills as well as the tools to master living a healthy lifestyle. And now that we spend most of our time at home, it’s the perfect opportunity to start nurturing young ones in becoming masters of healthy living as well,” Dupa also explains.

The company aims to showcase recipes, advice, and tips that could aid parents in involving their kids in the kitchen while allowing them to blossom into a person who values healthy living. Breville hopes that through the stories and experiences of its partners coupled with its expertise, it will be able to contribute to building a community where healthy choices are a priority.

“Our partnership with personalities, also including Dimples Romana in the campaign, gives us an avenue to share real-life stories of nurturing a culture of healthy choices among kids. Apart from their own personal stories, we have also shared with them some recipes that they can hand over to their audiences. We’ve turned the regular recipes into something healthier. For instance, we’ve made sure that daily meals provide the recommended daily intake of at least five servings of vegetables and fruits as advised by the World Health Organization. These can be included in weekly meal plans,” says Dupa.

Nish Ching of has been making healthy meals for the family that her kids also appreciate. She realized that it is not as hard as one would imagine.

“Sometimes we just get intimidated whenever we see the word healthy – we think that it almost always involves hard-to-find ingredients; but, really, it is just a matter of adjusting the usual way of cooking with healthier alternatives. For instance, instead of frying daing na bangus, you could opt to have it pan-grilled. For eggs, you can make an omelet that is loaded with veggies. These are simple recipes you can get your kids to work with.”

Myke Soon of also appreciates the initiative. “It hopes to see every kid bloom into a person with a mastery of a healthy lifestyle and as a dad and I want to take part in this in raising my daughter.”

Breville PH wants more families to share healthy meals on their tables. It envisions kids being passionate about spending time helping moms and dads in the kitchen while slowly but surely nurturing a culture of healthy choices.

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