Taste of Home at Woodchuck House

Woodchuck House, located in Maginhawa, is one of your friendly neighborhood restaurants that offer comfort food that reminds you of your favorite home cooked meals. Located at The Square, Woodchuck House shares the vicinity with The Ice Creamist, making it a perfect place to dine and chill after a long day of work or school.

As you enter the vicinity, Woodchuck house would be on the left side. It has two inside seatings, a bar outside, and Al Fresco Dining.  The design boasts of wood with dainty decors paired with the restaurant’s cool plates and trays.

Woodchuck House

If you love breakfast, Woodchuck is surely for you. They have Panini’s and All Day Breakfasts that you can customize by picking a meat, carb, and how your eggs should be cooked.

Woodchuck HouseBeef Tapa Meal (Starts at Php 138)


One of their best seller is the Tapa meal. The beef is really tender and with the right amount of sweet and saltiness. The recipe and supply for the Tapa is from one of the owners making the business one big family that helps each other out.

Woodchuck HouseSausage Meal (Starts at Php 138)


Also a favorite is the Sausage meal which is part of the DIY meal where it can be served with Scrambled Eggs, Sunny Side Up, or even Hard Boiled.

Woodchuck HouseMom’s Best Baked Mac Php 158


One of the best-sellers and the favorite from the menu is the Baked Mac. As the name says, it is the best. The pasta is cooked Al Dente, the sauce is just the perfect amount of tomato and the cheese, oh the cheese, is just too glorious.

Woodchuck HouseKare-Kareng Baka Php 248


If you are looking for some home cooked meal, Woodchuck has a few items in the menu that will surely tickle your fancy. The Kare Kare served with Bagoong and Rice is one of the things people immediately see and order. It is served in this rectangular pot where everything is carefully arranged. The meat is in the bottom of the pot drowning in thick and rich sauce.

Woodchuck HouseCrispy Pork Mojos Adobo Php 228


Woodchuck serves two kinds of Adobos. One is the Adobo sa Gata and the other one is this beautiful Crispy Pork Mojos Adobo. It is left to cook until the sauce seeps inside the meat, making it tender and really tasty. And, instead of having the potatoes sauteed with the pork, the mojos are served with it and topped with a hard boiled egg.

Woodchuck HouseCrispy Pork Sinigang Php 238


Definitely, Sinigang is a Filipino favorite. It is a favorite in every Pinoy Household and Woodchuck puts their own spin to it by serving the soup separately. The Pork is actually cooked like Bagnet/Lechon Kawali and under it are the vegetables like sitaw, kangkong, and talong. The soup, on the other hand, has the right kind of sourness to it. It is quite thick because of the gabi and is perfect to pour over the dry ingredients. Plus, it is really cool to (sort of) cook or put together.

Woodchuck HouseMocktails Php 78/each


Aside from comfort food, Woodchuck also offers mocktails that you can DIY. You can choose the base, syrup, and add-ons for your drink. They are served in these uber cute transparent tetra packs that you can have on the go.

Woodchuck HouseToasted Pastillas Ala Mode Php 98


Last but definitely not the least is this beautiful dessert. Toasted Pastillas served with Vanilla Ice Cream and Chocolate Sauce. Make sure you don’t eat too much because you might want to have one of these, or two, or three.

Woodchuck House


Woodchuck House

The Square, 51 Magiting St. UP Village, Diliman Quezon City
Mobile No. 0917 896 1618
Instagram: @woodchuckhouse


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