Tantea in Tomas Morato Serves Delicious and Aesthetic Milktea

Written by April Fojas
Photographed by Alyssa Chen

If you think the milk tea trend will be slowing down any time soon, you’re wrong. In fact, another milk tea shop just opened up in Tomas Morato and you’ll surely want to try this one!


Tantea is the newest addition to stores catering to Pinoys’ milk tea craze and they’re taking the tea game seriously by serving not only delicious varieties of fruit and milk tea but aesthetic-looking and Instagrammable drinks too!

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Watermelon Coconut Milk


Aren’t these drinks pretty? So trendy and a perfect addition to your Instagram feed! My personal favorites are the ones included in what they call the Dirty Bottle series, especially the Strawberry Milk Dirty Bottle. Just look at the pretty marbling effect of the strawberry and the milk. The bottle makes it cute, but the taste? Even better.


From left to right: Strawberry Milk Dirty Bottle, Watermelon Coconut Milk, and Popping Boba Black Currant Yogurt


Matcha Pudding and Original Pudding


From left to right: Fragrant Chocolate Cream Cheese, Mango Peach Gum, and a classic Boba Pearl Milk Tea

The ambiance of the café is just as aesthetic and Instagram friendly. They even have this rose garden wall on their second floor where you can take even more pretty photos of you and your tea! The entire store was built for the ultimate tea experience. Great for when you want to get together with your friends and family or just need a place to sip some tea and chill.

They’ve got a ton of other drinks to try and snap pics of! Come visit their flagship store at:

Tantea Philippines

179-181 Tomas Morato Avenue, QC
Website: www.tantea.ph
Facebook: www.facebook.com/tanteaphilippines/
Instagram: @tanteaph


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