Want Good Drinks at Your Next Party? This Mobile Cocktail Bar Will Make them for You

Written by Patricia Yap

If you’ve ever hosted a party, be it a birthday, a wedding, or even a simple get-together, you would know that drinks will always be the best way to make any of these celebrations a good fun! 

When including drinks at your events though, you still have to take into consideration the logistics of it—equipment, portability, affordability, your line-up of drinks, etc. 

Luckily, there’s a mobile cocktail bar—yes, you read it right—that makes all these easy and does all the work for you.

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We’re talking about Cocktails ‘N Dreams PH Mobile Bar, a cocktail bar service! Here are the reasons why you should book them for your next event.

Hands-on service from start to finish 

Booking any type of service can be stressful, especially when the service goes wrong because of miscommunication; but Cocktails ‘N Dreams won’t let you experience this. 

Ms. April Sta. Maria, the owner of Cocktails ‘N Dreams PH Mobile Bar

The owner, April Sta. Maria, is known to be a very hands-on manager to her clients. Despite Cocktails ‘N Dreams formally starting only in April 2019, Sta. Maria already had prior experience with mobile bar services after her college days in Zambales. 

Those fun nights out are made even better with a little bit of drinks

“Filipinos typically love joyous occasions; moments when food and drinks are part of the celebration. I saw it as an opportunity to contribute by offering my services,” she said. 

So, through her humble experience, she knows very well how to take care of clients and to always be in communication with them. As a result, clients that avail Cocktails ‘N Dreams services are confident that their celebration would run smoothly and successfully! 

Quoting world-famous business tycoon Ray Kroc, Sta. Maria said, “Look after the customers and the business can take care of itself.”

“Everything boils down to customer satisfaction and delightful customer experience. We keep that battle cry to heart,” she said. 

They don’t just serve drinks

Emphasizing this again, one reason why Cocktails ‘N Dreams stands out, according to their clients, is because of their service. If you have a special request, they’ll try their best to make it happen. 

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In some of their previous events, they even included drink related games to make the occasion more exciting.

“My team is really focused on significant contribution to the aura of happiness and joy in every celebration. There are times that we organize games like beer pong or other games where our mobile bar can be of service,” Sta. Maria said.

Makes your celebrations unique to you 

Cocktails ‘N Dreams offer a wide range of drinks clients can choose from. While you can choose from their cocktails, shooters (mixed hard drinks) and mocktails (non-alcoholic mixed drinks), you could also customize all of this to fit your event best.

Together with customization, they also offer unique drinks such as their flaming shots, syringe shots, bloody shots and more that are all perfect for playful parties. 

“We are very focused on innovating our mixed drinks and we’re very excited to serve it soon to our valued customers,” she said. 

Also, if you avail of their services during expos such as the one they recently attended, Getting Married Bridal Fair, you’ll be able to inquire with the owner herself and get exclusive promos, packages and discounts. 

So, if you’re looking to add more ompf to your next party, why not try adding a cocktail bar to the celebration? Make Cocktails ‘N Dreams Mobile PH Bar your go-to.

All photos courtesy of Cocktails ‘N Dreams PH Mobile Bar

Cocktails ‘N Dreams PH Mobile Bar

Phone: (0927) 943-3920
Email: cocktailsndreams.ph@gmail.com

Social Media:
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