Tanim Bala Game: Dodge the Bullets and the NAIA Officer’s Evil Plans

Hey, hey, look! Kulit Games decided to poke some fun at the current tanim bala situation in our beloved country! Coz, you know, while we are powerless to fix it, we might as well get a bit of entertainment out of it, right? :p

kulit games tanim bala game

The mere title and description in itself is already worth the visit. Basically, the goal of the game is to “help the traveler prevent the abusive Philippine Airport Officer’s evil plans!” The description expounds, “These greedy Administrators want to plant a bullet in your bag and if they succeed, you’ll end up paying $1,000. Of course, you would not let them do that! Now, you’d have to move the cursor from left to right as fast as you can to avoid the bullets that fall to your luggage.” Just like in the actual airport! Amazing!

kulit games tanim bala game 2


It’s pretty straightforward, really, but you might find it a bit too easy once you figure out how to dodge the bullets. Still, it’s quite a laugh after everything that the country has been going through. Even the comments on the app are hilarious:

kulit games tanim bala game

All screenshots taken from the Google Play Store.

Have you tried this game yet? What do you think of it?