Tanghalang Batingaw’s Transformance: Diversifying Arts Audition

Tanghalang Batingaw’s Transformance: Diversifying Arts Audition


Tanghalang Batingaw started to plant the seeds of passion for theater in Lyceum of the Philippines University way back on 1976 during the period of cultural paucity on campus. Founded and established by Oliver Andrade Pandile, an alumnus of LPU-Manila after being a graduate of Psychology is a stage actor, and were glorified in the spotlight at a very young age. He founded “Tanghalang Batingaw” on August 7, 1976. Eight elite founders took the former name of “Batingaw Ensemble” dedicated on uplifting our cultural identity as its heritage.


The Lyceum of the Philippines University theater group, also known as Tanghalang Batingaw, is now welcoming freshmen and transferees to join through entering the audition and attending the General Assembly for the passers.


As part of the opening of classes for the academic year 2014-2015, they are now encouraging students to be a part of this year’s new batch, with the theme “TRANSFORMANCE: DIVERSIFYING ARTS”. Students must first attend the audition on June16 and 17, on their booth located at the JPL Hall Lobby. The first 38 auditionees will receive a freebie of their choice. Aspiring student artists must undergo the tryout in order to identify talent that they already have, it may be singing, dancing, acting, designing, scriptwriting, and/ or technical works. This would be done under the supervision of Lianza De Jesus and Raffy Dela Cruz, the Production Manager and Assistant Production manager respectively.


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Website: https://www.lputbatingaw.blogspot.com

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Tanghalang-Batingaw/122260223394

Instagram & Twitter: LPU_TBATINGAW

Or you can visit the Academic and Cultural Affairs Department office, located at room 201, for more inquiries.




Tanghalang Batingaw’s Transformance: Diversifying Arts Audition