Tamagotchi Will Be Back Soon as a Mobile AR Game!

Children from the 90s will surely remember Tamagotchi—the iconic pet toy that poops a lot, which could be kept on a keychain and treated like a real pet.

If you’re one of those kids who used to spend a great deal of time taking care of it, feeding and cleaning up after it, then you’re in for a real treat. The classic Tamagotchi will be back, soon, and this time you can easily do all the petting on your smartphone.

Tamagotchi was launched in Japan in 1996 and introduced to the rest of the world in 1997. Now, it’s making a comeback for all titos and titas to enjoy and for the kids of this generation to appreciate.

Are you ready to feed and clean up after your Tamagotchi? The game could potentially feature AR (augmented reality) based on the game’s official trailer. You can watch it below:

According to toymaker Bandai, the mobile AR game, called ‘My Tamagotchi Forever,’ will be released in 2018 and will be available to download for free on both Android and iOS.

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