Talking to Yourself is Not Only Normal But Encouraged

There’s a notion in the Philippines that only “crazy people” talk to themselves. But a lot of us do it more often than we think. The good news is that it’s perfectly fine! It’s even a good thing.

According to clinical social worker and author Lisa Ferentz, expressing your inner thoughts out loud can actually help you better handle certain situations.

Ferentz uses this practice on her clients and it helps them develop a more positive outlook not only about themselves but on the day ahead.


Talking to yourself doesn’t only help your mental welfare, but also releases some stress you’ve been carrying. Talking out loud to yourself also lets you hear how your own brain functions and prevents you from being staying too much inside your head.

You’ll be able to correct the negativity that you might be carrying around with you. Ferentz encourages people to give themselves pep talks out loud, especially during intimidating and overwhelming situations.

“When we whisper positively to ourselves it gives us a little more strength and courage so we can meet a challenging scenario head-on.”


Personally, as someone who’s anxious a lot of the time, I always give myself pep talks even for the smallest things like ordering coffee at a cafe or participating in class. It makes me feel better and gives me a little confidence boost.

So let people look at you weird when you’re debating with yourself in public about which milk tea flavor to buy or which mode of transportation to take. It’s perfectly okay and definitely encouraged!

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Do you ever find yourself talking to yourself? When does this usually happen?