Taika Waititi: the new Marvel hottie in this cinematic universe!

Have you seen Thor: Ragnarok? Have you seen its director?

After seeing Thor: Ragnarok in cinemas, I couldn’t help but rewatch scenes on YouTube, search Chris Hemsworth’s interviews about the film and feed my curiosity with behind the scenes. Guess that’s what happens when you’re a communication and media graduate with a little background in video production and most importantly, an avid fan of Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Upon browsing, I also couldn’t help but notice how gorgeous the director is. If you loved Thor: Ragnarok, you’ll also fall in love with its director.

Ladies, meet Taika Waititi. He is a film director, writer, painter, and comedian from New Zealand.

Posted by Taika Waititi on Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Yep, that’s a romper for men a.k.a. only few can wear.

He’s got me following all his social media accounts and his personality explains the comedy in the recently released Marvel film.

My first design concepts starting to take shape. I'm all over this sheeeit. #14pack

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Waititi’s initial thoughts for his first major blockbuster film totally makes sense!

Then, this is how he chose to direct it:

Sorry you're not me. @wallpaprkit

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They say never meet your heroes but I think Jeff is happy he did. #Ragnarok #LifeFindsaWay ? @jasinboland

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Besides Hela, he’s got people also asking Thor, “What are you the god of again?”

Lastly, if you still didn’t know this, Waititi is IN Thor: Ragnarok as the voice of our newest loved character – Korg.

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Here’s a bonus photo:

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