Tagaytay Hotel Responds to “Manager Harasses Couple for Complaining”

We have reached out to Lee Boutique Hotel in Calamba Rd Tagaytay, the hotel that is involved in this issue. To read the full side of the complainants please click here. Here is their full statement of the hotel to what transpired.

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Continuation on plain text:

Apparently, the unhappy guest is someone named Mr.Katigbak. Mr.Katigbak arrived at the hotel mid morning of Oct.31 and inquire about our room rates. After the front desk showed them the room and give them the room rate, Mr.Katigbak and his wife left the hotel. After a few hours, around 1:00pm in the afternoon, they came back and said they will get the room that was offered earlier. Mr.Katigbak also said they want to check in immediately because his wife really needs to use the toilet. Although the front desk officer offered her the toilet in the lobby, she prefer to use the toilet in the room. Therefore, they allow Mrs.Katigbak to check in the room while Mr.Katigbak process the check in and settle the payments. That was around 1:00pm. They did not ask for any assistance or requests during their stay inside the room aside from asking for an extra pillow. Then, at around 4:00pm in the afternoon, both husband and wife goes to the front desk, and said that they are not satisfied with the room and they want full refund. They claim that the faucet is not working to fill the bathtub with water. The staff showed them that the faucet is working, all they have to do is switch the knob from shower to faucet. (The faucet and shower cannot be used at the same time, there is a knob to switch to shower, or faucet). When they found out that the faucet is actually working, they started complaining about the color of the pillow case of the extra pillow that they requested. The staff explained that the pillow case is yellow color, because we have yellow linens, not all our linens are white. They then complained that there are holes in the pillow case. (What they are referring to as holes are the edges of the pillow case, which has a portion of the thread unsewn, about 1cm approximately). The staff then offered to change the pillow case for them. But they refuse and insisted they want a full refund. After talking to the duty manager, who explained that it is not possible to get a refund since the room is already used. Mrs.Katigbak insisted to talk to higher management. Unfortunately, there is no higher manager available on site that time, so they try to call the managers trying to get hold of any of them to grant Mrs.Katigbak’s request to speak to higher management. While waiting, both husband and wife are asking each and every customer that they encounter in the lobby to go away and ask them not to check in, claiming the room is very dirty and facilities are not working. (They intercept the guests from the main door, they do that to each and every guest). In short, they are actually creating a scandal. When finally, the staff contacted our manager, which did not approve the refund as well, Mrs.Katigbak started using bad words and curse the manager. (She use words like PU****A, and TA*****O), so the manager hang up the phone as she cannot bear to listen to such language. After the conversation, Mrs Katigbak refuse to return the cellphone used to contact the manager and said she will keep it as equivalent to the 5k pesos that they were not able to refund. She said she will return the cellphone if they will return the 5K, she made the staffs choose whether to give her the lobby TV (yes, the lobby TV) or the cellphone in exchange of the 5K that she is refunding. The staff still explains that the room is used and refund is not possible without any valid reason. The couple continue to stay in the lobby waiting for guests and asking them to go away. With this, the duty manager decided to ask the guard to assist them out of the hotel as they are being scandalous already.
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What do you think of this issue? Who is right and who is wrong in your opinion? Please let us know!


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