Tagaytay Hotel Nightmare: Hotel Manager Allegedly Harasses Couple for Complaining

Jane (not her real name) and husband Joe, a young married couple checked in a known hotel in Tagaytay along Calamba road in the hopes of a relaxing staycation but due to these circumstances, they had a different experience from what they had imagined. After checking in they experienced dissatisfaction from the hotel because they had broken faucets and holes in their yellow-ish pillows.

Here is Jane’s detailed story:

This would be my first time to ever rant on social media about poor customer service. Would just like to share our experience sa lugar na to. We seriously don’t want you to experience the same thing na ginawa nila samin.

Walang kwentang lugar to. The place would have been nice, except they steal your money. We decided to stay for 1 night. Maganda naman itsura ng place to be honest. Upon check in, they made us pay the full amount for the room as opposed to us giving down payment lang. (Sigurista) .. Wala kasi silang kahit isang guest. Kaya pala, kasi they have the worse customer service ever. So we paid in good faith thinking that everything would work out. The bellboys, sobrang bagal kumilos. Took them about 45 mins to check us in, kahit walang ibang guest. No cars parked outside.

When we got sa room, the pillowcases were supposedly white pero nangigitim na and butas butas pa. We told the bellboys, they said yellow daw talaga yun. Eh hello, butas butas eh. Nangigitim talaga sya. Parang luma na, d nalabhan ng mabuti. We were trying to make the most out of our stay.. So we tried to report it to the bellboys. Again, super bagal nila kumilos. We decided to fill the bath tub, to relax and all, sira yung faucet, as in natatanggal yung pang pihit. Again, we called frontdesk, and they said ichecheck na lang po (took forever!) We noticed the towels and washcloths sa banyo naninilaw na rin na dapat white. Sa sobrang tagal kumilos ng staff, we decided to ask for a manager. No manager in sight. Took another 30 mins to speak to one, over the phone pa. Nasayang stay namin kakalabas masok nila sa room namin. We tried to get our money back, kahit a portion of it lang since we stayed sa room for about 1.5 hours only. We spoke to the manager over the phone and she gave us the worse customer service ever. She started cursing us over the phone and BASTOS siya sobra. Kaya pala wala silang customer.

DON’T STAY HERE! SALBAHE MANAGER NG HOTEL NA TO. WALANG PAGMAMAHAL SA CUSTOMER. KAYA D AKO NAGTATAKA KUNG BAKIT KAHIT ISANG GUEST WALA SILA. She called us “TARANTADO” and nakipagmurahan siya sa amin over the phone. We were appalled and could not believe the treatment she was giving. After we left, (syempre they kept our 5k na for the room), the manager kept texting my husband, harassing us saying mean things. Binigyan ko pa ng tip na 20 pesos yung nag assist samin sa parking, kahit na ginanun kami nung manager. She kept texting my husband saying I was a “hooky”, in short, d nila binalik pera namin, 5k down the drain. Hope you won’t experience the same, we work hard for our money and we expected to get good treatment at the very least, pero d ganun ang nangyari. Sana d niyo maranasan nangyari samin, so don’t stay here.

Please let your friends and family know.


Ian is the couple’s deceased son


Jane posted on her Facebook page:


Should anything happen to me and my wife, this is who you investigate.

What started as a simple getaway last Saturday turned to be the worst experience. From simple dissatisfaction that led to excuses instead of action prompted us to decide to ask for refund, which was escalated to a female manager over the phone. After unsuccessfully negotiating (coz we were open to just paying for the length of our stay in the room, which was less than 2 hrs), we gave bad reviews to would-be customers, and left defeated. We gave them our 5K.

That’s when it started. Within 15 minutes from our departure, the manager called us and said she would sue us. A barrage of text messages came afterwards. She appeared to have been stalking our FB page, randomly naming people she would bad mouth us to. She said she had cctv footage of us, which i know would not show anything other than me pacing around the lobby trying to get a resolution, and my wife seated on the sofa talking to the manager. When she couldn’t illicit any response from us, she continued to threaten us, resorted to name calling, and even dragged our deceased child’s name into this mess. WORST PART IS SHE’S BEEN SENDING DEATH THREATS (see screenshots).

I am unable to pinpoint who the owner is to file a complaint. I tried calling their sales office but i’m afraid i’ll get the same manager. I would like to appeal to those who might be able to assist us. 

Please do yourself a favor and stay away from this horrible place.

We have reached out to the hotel to get their side of the story. To read please click here.

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