Sweet Charms Manila: Wear Your Story in a Charm Locket


If there’s a saying that goes, “Wear your heart on your sleeve” , let me coin something new — “Wear your life story in a locket.” 

I came upon this daint online store named Sweet Charms Manila that offers these very charming lockets. As a fan of lockets, I was immediately drawn to it and I was surprised to find out that you can customize it!

These charm lockets are timeless pieces of wearable art that you can personalize to tell your story and encapsulate memories and dreams. 


The locket comes in a very nice box which is perfect for gifts!

I just got mine and it’s so beautiful! I am convinced that it is now one of those ‘pieces that a girl must have in her life‘.
Charm lockets originated from USA and its owner, Jamille Chua thought of bringing the idea here in the Philippines to share the opportunity of creating your own locket with your own selection of charms that best represents who you are and what you love which is what Sweet Charms Manila is all about. With Sweet Charms Manila’s charm lockets, you can tell your story, one charm at a time.
I got the gold locket for that classic touch!
All the lockets that Sweet Charms Manila offer are reversible. You may choose to wear the studded side or the plain side, depending on your mood. The lockets are also inclusive of a short chain and a long chain to match each outfit. The lockets have a strong magnetic clasp to enable you to add, remove, or switch the accessories inside. Don’t worry, the lockets won’t open unless you want it to.
The lockets are available in gold, rose gold and silver. The silver lockets are made with stainless steel and does not tarnish because the metal does not oxidize. Stainless steel is a naturally hard metal so it can be worn by anybody because of its anti-allergic properties. Yes, hypo-allergenic lockets so anyone can wear it! Meanwhile, the gold lockets are made with gold-filled stainless steel. It will not peel nor flake with reasonable care and should last just as long as a solid 14k gold jewelry. It is safe for most people with sensitive skin. The charms and dangles are made with zinc alloy and are completely nickel-free. These lockets are of high quality so it will last long and is really worth the price.
My life in a precious locket. Got the rose gold plate that says “blessed” because I am truly grateful for my life right now. For the charms, I got an airplane, a camera, a laptop, moon and star, my initial and gems in yellow in blue. Airplane for travel, camera for photography, a laptop for blogging, moon and star for my dreams and the gems to resemble my favorite color and my fandom. 🙂 
Sweet Charms Manila carries a lot of charms, gems and plates that you can mix and match to tell your story. You can always get new charms for new moments in your life that you would like to wear with you. These are more than just a charm, it is a very sentimental piece of jewelry that holds a special memory so it’s perfect as an everyday accessory and even more special as a gift.  
The lockets are priced at P1,200 each (inclusive of a short and a long chain) and the plates are P100 each, charms at P30 each, birthstones at P10 each and the dangles are at P70 each. 
*Order 5 lockets and above for still P1,200 each, but with FREE 5 CHARMS each!


I use the plain side of my locket for everyday use and so far it is one of my favorite jewelry! Thank you Sweet Charms Manila! ♥ 


When In Manila, , have fun telling your life stories with a precious locket filled with gems and charms all from Sweet Charms Manila. Wear your life story with you everywhere you go!


And with that, we want you to wear your life story too!

Sweet Charms Manila is giving one Gold Locket complete with short and long chain, 1 Plate, 4 Charms, 2 Birthstones and 1 Dangle to one of our lucky readers!

To join, just follow the Rafflecopter mechanics below:

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Congratulations to Mai Balaibo for winning our giveaway! Enjoy your new life charm!


You can catch Sweet Charms Manila at the Supersale Bazaar today in World Trade Center to get your very own life story in a locket! 



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Sweet Charms Manila: Wear Your Story in a Charm Locket


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