These Sweet and Cheese Boxes are Perfect for Events and Special Occasions

Planning a gathering for the holidays? Whether you are having a corporate event, a Zoom party, or a small celebration at home; these sweet and cheese boxes are the perfect choices to make things extra special.

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Marj Pacheco used to own a nail spa, fashion boutique, and food catering service prior to the pandemic. In 2017, she graduated from The Academy for International Culinary Arts (AICA) and International School for Culinary Arts and Hotel Management (ISCAHM). When the pandemic hit the Philippines, though, she was forced to permanently close her business. That’s when she started to put her baking skills to use once again.

With her experience in the field, it really isn’t surprising that her cheesecakes soon became bestsellers in her neighborhood. She also got a lot of requests for birthday cakes, food trays, and charcuterie. As more and more requests started pouring in, she started her online business – and you can really see her craft shine through in all of her products.

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Photo from Amaze and Graze

Amaze and Graze offers charcuterie boxes that aren’t just a sight to behold, but are incredibly delicious and can fill the bellies of many. Since Marj loves to eat cold cuts, cheese, and wine when she watches Netflix or celebrates something with her loved ones, she actually chooses the contents of her charcuterie boxes based on her own personal preferences. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed, though, because there is something for everyone.

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Here’s what you can expect in each box: a 750 ml bottle of wine (chardonnay, shiraz, merlot, moscato, or sauvignon; soft cheese (camembert or brie); hard cheese (flavored cheddar), jam, crackers, walnuts, grapes, kiwi, gherkins, olives, chocolate bars, and seven kinds of meat (beef pastrami, bacon steak, lyoner paprika, lyoner jalapeño, salami milano, honey ham, and double smoked ham).

You can also choose to add their famous bestselling chocolate-covered strawberries or French macarons into your box if you’d like! This is what Marj calls the Luxe Grazing Box – and it is luxurious indeed. If you want to impress someone or simply want to indulge in something ultra-delicious, this is definitely the box you should get!

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Photo from Amaze and Graze

Whether you want to buy one for yourself, your family, your loved ones, or your workmates; Amaze and Graze delivers all over Metro Manila via delivery apps.

The beautiful black box itself deserves to be commended, as well. It looks great and adds an extra impression when you send them out as gifts. You can even get them customized for corporate events or online events depending on your budget.

Additionally, their boxes are actually specially customized because Marj doesn’t want the meat to touch any unnecessary elements or foods that might affect it. If you end up with any leftovers (which you probably won’t), it’s also nice to know that you can place them in a chiller and consume them within four days.

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Photo from Amaze and Graze

While other charcuterie boxes in the market mostly focus on cold meats and cheese, it’s refreshing to see a great box filled with lots of different varieties and combinations through Amaze and Graze. Make sure to place your orders for your special events soon – they’re perfect for the holidays!

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