SWEET! A La Creme in San Fernando, Pampanga

When it comes to cakes and pastries in Pampanga, Kapampangans will certainly recommend A La Creme. This lovely little store has 3 branches in Pampanga and we managed to try the one in San Fernando.

After having lunch at Apag Marangle, we wanted to get desserts so we headed to A La Creme. Their store is nice and it resembles a coffee shop-like appearance. The ambiance is so relaxing, I bet it gets filled with people on a normal day.

Like most cake shops, you can find their products displayed on a glass counter. This will probably make you order more cakes.

A La Creme’s Sinful Chocolate Cake is their most recommended cake. We got a piece of it and for me it’s a bit too sweet for my taste. The sinful chocolate cake is made with thick layers of chocolate mousse like Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf’s Guiltless Chocolate Cake but I prefer CBTL more. It has nuts and it is drizzled with chocolate syrup upon serving.

The Ube Macapuno Pound Cake w/ Walnuts is one of the best ube cake I have tasted. The ube cake tasted awesome. It has real macapuno and walnuts. I loved this one!

The Belgian Chocolate is a moist chocolate cake from A La Creme. It’s a good combination of bitter and sweet. But when it comes to chocolate cakes, Purple Oven is still better for me.

We also tried one of the best-selling crepes, the Mango Loco. This crepe is perfect for the summer, fruity and sweet, and topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. But the crepe is a bit thick and oily. For me, I think La Creperie is still on top of my list.

I also tried their Mudslide Malt. The plastic glass where it is placed may not look very presentable but it tasted a great. I love when the chocolate syrup flows into the straw with every sip. Yum!

Thanks Cai for the heads up about A La Creme! I had a great time but since I am based in Manila, it might not be practical for me to go and drive to Pampanga to get a cake fix. Moreover, there are lots of shops in Manila that sell cakes which I am fond of like Mary Grace, Banapple, Conti’s, and Purple Oven. Some of them have better cakes for cheaper prices. Like Purple Oven’s Grandma’s Chocolate Cake for only Php 550 or the Chocolate Campfire for Php 570.

Have you tried A La Creme? What’s your favorite?

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