Swamp Thing Might be Turned into a Movie Instead

Swamp Thing has been making noise not only inside the DC fandom, but on TV, in general. The show premiered at the end of May and was praised by critics and fans alike. However, not even a week later, the show was canceled. This confused everyone since the show was doing well critically. Some speculated that DC is pulling their shows from their streaming platform. However, it has been reported that Warner Bros. is considering turning Swamp Thing into a movie instead.

swamp thing dc

Swamp Thing is on the darker side of DC’s offerings and bringing it to the big screen could further flesh out the horror aspects the TV series has already laid out. However, reports from Bloody Disgusting say that the stand-alone movie wouldn’t be connected to the series at all. This means that the Swamp Thing movie could, more or less, feature an entirely new cast. James Wan (Aquaman, The Conjuring), who produced the TV series, will still be involved, though.

DC and Warner Bros. haven’t confirmed nor denied the Swamp Thing movie, but insiders say higher-ups have been discussing the project a lot.

It would be interesting to see a horror offering from DC.

With the DCEU seemingly rebooting and refocusing a lot of their heroes, it’d be something new for their audience to latch onto.

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Do you want to see Swamp Thing on the big screen?