Supreme Court stops Angkas operations and Angkas retaliates by giving promos

Earlier today the Supreme Court overruled a local Judge’s order which allowed Angkas to operate. Such a ruling allowed law enforcers to arrest drivers of Angkas motorcycles. It also gave them liberty to impound the motorcycles at will. The resolution is currently enforceable.

In response to the LTFRB resolution, Angkas released an official statement which highlights the inconvenience of the act to the company and its riders alike: “This comes at a time when hundreds of thousands of commuters need the Angkas service to beat the worsening holiday traffic.” 

Angkas mentions as well the detriment of such a policy to the numerous people they employ: “This TRO also puts the livelihood of 25,000 biker-partners at risk – a few days before Christmas, when their families need it the most.”

In response to the allegations of critics that the service is dangerous, or that the safety concern justifies the suspension: “We offer our safety record of 99.997% as a potential model for responsible traffic safety nationwide.” 

Best of all is their reaction to the overall situation — offering ride promos to its users instead of stopping operations. As a snipe towards the resolution, they created the promo code “TRO” to enable “two rides only”.

Check it out below as they caption their official statement with it:

Where do you stand on this issue? 


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