Sun Life Offers “SUN Fit and Well” to Help Give Pinoys Comfort & Peace of Mind If Ever One is Diagnosed by a Serious Illness

Sun Life Fit & Well

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Let’s face it, to be diagnosed with a critical illness is one of those things that we dread the most. It causes great distress not only to the person diagnosed, but also to his/her friends and immediate family members. I’m sure you’ve heard a lot of stories where people struggle to raise funds to support treatment… and this has happened to countless people for the longest time. Don’t you think it’s high time we do something to prevent it from happening to us?


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With this, Sun Life Financial came up with a wonderful new product called SUN Fit & Well Individual Insurance – a New Generation Wellness Product that offers you comprehensive life and health protection no matter what happens, giving you and your family comfort and peace of mind in times of great distress caused by a serious illness.


With SUN Fit & Well, you get to be covered at a young age until your senior years, providing financial benefits upon diagnosis of not only a few, but any of the 114 critical conditions (like heart disease, stroke and 16 specific cancer conditions) across minor and major stages. In short, you and your loved ones will never have to worry about finances if ever that time comes.

Here’s a more detailed list of the benefits you can enjoy with SUN Fit & Well:

  • Preemptive Wellness Benefit
    Proactively maintain your health! Enjoy special access and privileges to various wellness activities (like Sun Life’s GoWell Community) that will help you stay fit and healthy.
  • Comprehensive Critical Illness Benefit
    Enjoy peace of mind knowing that SUN Fit and Well covers you at a young age up until your senior years, providing financial benefits upon diagnosis of any of the 100+ critical conditions across minor and major stages.
  • Specific Cancer Booster
    Further ease your financial worries with additional cash benefit equivalent to 50% of the Face Amount upon first diagnosis of any covered advanced-stage cancer.
  • Life Insurance Protection – Secure your loved ones’ future with guaranteed life insurance protection equivalent to the policy’s Face Amount until Age 100.
  • Special Bonus and Dividend Earnings – Be rewarded with a Special Paid-Up Bonus at the end of the premium paying period, and annual dividend earnings thereafter which may be withdrawn anytime or left with Sun Life to accumulate.
  • Limited Payment Period – SUN Fit and Well can be fully paid in 10, 15 or 20 annual installments, and payments are fixed throughout the paying period. Semi-annual, quarterly, and monthly3 modes are also available to make payments more affordable.

Super interesting right? I’m actually interested in getting one myself, to spare me from financial distress just in case. It pays to be ready. You should too!

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