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Sun Cellular




When In Manila, technology and all the perks that come along with it is like a good coffee brewing non-stop. But before all you astounding readers assume that I am one of the techie goddesses out there, I fear I am but a mere mortal (forgive me, I have been reading mythology books – sort of for the past weeks) when it comes to that angle. I leave it to the Gods and/or Goddess that know better. What I have to tattle about here are the advantages of it all.


Sun Cellular is one of the leading Telecommunications companies in the Philippines that offer great deals for technological savvy (or dependent if you look at it the other way) people like us. Now we all know you guys get giddy when it comes to great deals, like enchanted shoppers that go “passionate” when there is a mall wide sale. So get ready for these:




Sun Broadband


We all want that fast, consistent, and reliable broadband anytime we need it. Sun Broadband has just re-launched its’ best selling plan now without holding period, and that is not just it; it only requires an I.D to get one.


You get an unlimited usage monthly for the following devices:
A. Php 888/mo for Modem
B. Php 1,888/mo for WiFi Stick
C. Php 2,888/mo for Pocket WiFi


If that got your spirits lifted, how about this? For a limited time, Sun Broadband Pre-paid Kits can be purchased for just Php 795 which is Php 200 cheaper than the standard Pre-paid Kit (for Php 995). This includes a modem and a sim with 1 hour surfing Promo available until March 31, 2013.



In addition, Sun Broadband has begun offering 2 pans bundling 2 FREE gadgets: A pocket WiFi and an Android tablet. You can choose between Plan 799 with 60 hours reloadable and Plan 999 for unlimited usage for 24 months holding period.





Sun Cellular Post Paid Plans



But then again, if you are always on the go, and you rely on mobile Internet half the time of your day, Sun Cellular has iLoads for people like us. It is consumable mobile internet for 1 hour or 3 hours a day for Php 15 and Php 25 respectively and unlimited from 1 day validity to full on 30 days ranging from Php 50 to Php 999. Don’t fret postpaid subscribers, of course there’s one for you, iPlans that offer both consumable and unlimited data browsing from Php 55 to Php 799 monthly free starting at 5 hours to unlimited Internet hours.




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