Suesh: All your makeup needs and even make-up classes!

When In Manila, it’s not unusual to find the prettiest faces. As a girl growing up, I’ve always wondered about how all the beautiful people look so flawlessly gorgeous– these ladies always seemed so made up and stunning!


And then came the discovery of a lifetime: make up. I found out that when used correctly, make up can be used to enhance your best features and highlight facial characteristics.


The only problem? I have no idea how this art of applying make-up is done. Without knowing how to properly paint your face, there is always that danger of looking like a clown.


I decided to try the most basic make-up class I could find and this led me to Suesh.



suesh basic makeup workshopDSC 4655


All your make-up needs, from brushes to palettes to pretty cosmetic cases, they have.


suesh basic makeup workshopDSC 4704


suesh basic makeup workshopDSC 4671


suesh basic makeup workshopDSC 4677


Suesh conducts different make up workshops that accommodates everyone– from begginners, to those who want to study advanced techniques. I was signed up for the Basic Make-up Workshop, a class perfect for those like me  who are clueless when it comes to make-up.


suesh basic makeup workshopDSC 4701


The class was taught by Ms. Suzzane Tan who trained in Tokyo as a Chief Trainer in Skin Care and Cosmetology , and a Cosmetology  certificate holder in the Center for Aesthetic Studies. She has been teaching in make-up workshops for 5 years now.


suesh basic makeup workshopDSC 4689


We were taught to do two basic looks, one for day time and one for night. 


suesh basic makeup workshopDSC 4713


suesh basic makeup workshopDSC 4707


For someone who never really knew anything about cosmetics, this workshop helped a lot. Tips on make-up application and proper cosmetic use were given. 


suesh basic makeup workshopDSC 4702


That afternoon, we came home in full make-up (after trying the techniques taught to us on ourselves) and a bit more confident with our make-up skills. I still have a long way to go, but then there’s always the Advanced Make-Up classes for those who are interested in learning more.


suesh basic makeup workshopDSC 4718

Our Basic Make-up class batch with Ms. Suzzane.


Suesh Make-up workshops come in great packages that include make-up brushes and a palette.


When In Manila, learning about make-up application has never been this simple and easy! 



Suesh Make-up Toolkit