Suelas – The Top 3 Reasons Why They are the Shoes For You!

Suelas – The Top 3 Reasons Why They are the Shoes For You!


The old saying is true: a girl can never have too many shoes while strutting down the busy streets of Manila. While trying to expand my shoe collection, I have come to realize that some of the most beautiful and affordable shoes that I love to bits are locally made – from the girly sandals of Cooper and Morgan to the classic and comfortable shoes of Poppy Red.  Well, while hanging out in the cafeteria a few months back, a friend of mine introduced to me another local brand that has been making waves in the local shoe industry: Suelas.

Suelas is a local brand that started the foldable shoe line in the country! With the hassle of walking around campus just to get to your next class (for more college fashion tips, read this: 7 Fashion Tips for Incoming Freshmen) and let us not forget the huge amount of commuters in Manila, it is a must for a gal to own a few pairs of shoes that are perfect for walking. Suelas does that job like it’s nobody else’s business. Here’s how:


Suelas Has Style.

Suelas 1

Suelas is a shoe line that carries some of the most fab shoe designs! It manages to make its designs classic, but very current at the same time.

Suelas 2

Suelas also manages to strike a balance when it comes to their shoe designs at all times. Like these babies from their Spring Summer 2014 Collection. The print is very retro, but at the same time still makes any modern woman drool with desire.


Suelas Has Comfort.

Suelas 3

Unlike other shoe brands, Suelas does not sacrifice comfort for style. It manages to stay chic and still very comfortable at the same time!

Suelas 4

Heck, I even wore it when my friends and I hit the road to escape reality and head to the happiest place in the Philippines: Enchanted Kingdom. Rocking Suelas has made looking fab easy peasy.


Suelas is Affordable.

Suelas 5

Honestly, how often do you see a pair this fab for only 900 bucks? All of Suelas’ shoes are strategically priced at under a thousand bucks. Perfect for fashionistas in recession.

Suelas 6

As you can see, Suelas has thought of all of the things that every woman should have on their checklist when shoe shopping: style, comfort, and affordability. As a little bonus, every Suelas pair even comes with its own shoe bag – perfect for travellers!

Suelas 7

So, what are you waiting for? If you’re looking for a shoe brand that has style and comfort, and is easy on the pocket to boot, then Suelas is the brand for you!




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Suelas – The Top 3 Reasons Why They are the Shoes For You!