Enchanted Kingdom Gives 17 New Reasons to Come Back and See Its Magic


When in Manila, and you want to experience the “magic”, Enchanted Kingdom is the place to be — the country’s world class theme park where kids and kids at heart have fun and excitement under one roofless location.



This September 2012, Enchanted Kingdom celebrated its 17th anniversary. How time really flies when you’re having fun. I still remember the first time me and my family went to this magical place. That’s probably over a decade ago now. Enchanted Kingdom made it possible to have a taste of premiere theme park experience without flying out of the country.


Looking back, some of the rides I used to love are still at the park. For one, the super thrilling Space Shuttle is still standing majestic in one corner of Enchanted Kingdom but it was renamed as “Space Shuttle Max” that sports new coach rides from Holland. If you have been in this theme park and have not taken a shot at the Space Shuttle Max then you’re missing out a lot. Space Shuttle Max is a triple loop roller coaster ride that is not for the faint of heart.


Space Shuttle Max

One of the Three Loops of Space Shuttle Max, Riders Upside-Down


Another ride that gives me the chills but still enjoy taking is Anchors Away. This large anchor swings back and forth for a couple of minutes, making your stomach flip the same way.


Anchors Away

 A chill ride in Enchanted Kingdom that can be relaxing for most but scary for people with acrophobia is the Wheel of Fate. This Ferris wheel used to be the king in terms of size in the Philippines until the Mall of Asia Eye was opened. Still, the Wheel of Fate is an icon in this theme park. According to them, there have been several momentous “yes” answered back on this ride. The question is “Will you marry me?” and its variants. Sweet!


Wheel of Fate

 In celebration of its 17 fun years of existence, Enchanted Kingdom gives everyone 17 additional reasons to witness its magic. From a new ride to new enchanting amenities, there will be something from these 17 reasons that will make you want to see Enchanted Kingdom again.


17 New Reasons to Visit Enchanted Kingdom

The inauguration of these 17 reasons was marked by a media event entitled “Spinning and Rocking at 17 – The NEW MAGIC Begins..” and opening of their newest ride called DISK-O-MAGIC.

Spinning and Rocking at 17 – The NEW MAGIC Begins at Enchanted Kingdom

DISK-O-MAGIC is a family ride that literally does what Enchanted Kingdom has been doing for the past 17 years, spinning and rocking. It’s a one-of-a-kind ride that will make your heart beat faster. Woohoo!



Testing the DISK-O-MAGIC

When in Manila, the magic is only a 2-hour drive to Laguna, where Enchanted Kingdom is.

Enchanted Kingdom

City of Santa Rosa, Laguna

Tel. No.: (632) 584-3535 / 584-4326 to 29

Fax No.: (632) 584-4332

Facebook Page:  Enchanted Kingdom


Enchanted Kingdom Gives 17 New Reasons to Come Back and See Its Magic

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