Studies show that some people love their pets more than fellow humans

In a study conducted by Northeastern University, they concluded that some people are more inclined to show compassion towards pets and animals rather than other human beings. Know anyone like that? I’m sure we’ve all got someone in mind!

The study was titled “Are People More Disturbed by Dog or Human Suffering? Influence of Victim’s Species and Age” and in the experiment, people were asked to read fictional stories where either a human or a dog was abused. Both stories were totally identical except for the party being hurt. The results showed that the participants were more sympathetic to and affected by the abuse of animals over the abuse of humans!

Empathy was shown for both sides, sure, but the empathy for the animals outweighed that for the humans! 256 undergraduates showed that they were more stressed by the abuse of young children and animals rather than human adults. Which sort of makes sense in terms of if they can defend themselves or not.

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