Student Is Too Late To Attend Class, Watches Lecture Via Video Chat Instead

Here’s a situation we all know too well: you were up late the night before completing requirements for a class, you hope to God that your alarm wakes you up despite feeling the sleep deprivation in your bones, you go to sleep and wake up…much later than you’re supposed to. It’s a common experience in college, and when it happens we usually just give up and go back to sleep.

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That’s not what one student decided to. Nathaniel Musngi was busy making plates for the finals of his free-hand drawing class the night before this same scenario happened to him. He overslept and realized he would never make it to his mathematics class in time. Instead of giving up, he had the idea to listen in on his class by video chatting a classmate.

The multimedia arts student posted screenshots of the undertaking on his Facebook page. He captioned it “Physically absent. Virtually present.”

He explained to Inquirer: “Our Mathematics class just started when I woke up. My friend, Vince Catolico, decided to contact me via video chat in messenger so I won’t miss the lecture.”

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Msungi clarifies that this was possible since his professor allows phones in class in order to take photos of their whiteboard. He also disclaims that this shouldn’t be used as a tactic to skip class and it was only an honest mistake on his part: “While I do find it helpful, I would like to encourage every student to come to class as much as they can.”

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