Student who put himself through college couldn’t believe his parents skipped his graduation day

Jeric Rivas, a graduate of La Concepcion College San Jose Del Monte Bulacan, recently shared the biggest disappointment of his graduation day. After working all throughout college and funding his own education, all he wanted was to see his parents proud of him. Unfortunately, he says that their absence was something he should have expected. 

sad graduate

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According to him, his parents have been missing for most of his life. They have never made it to any of his graduation or recognition days and barely spent the time to raise him. They also did not support him in his ambitions to study and find a better life. 

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Having moved from Sibuyan Island, Romblon to Bulacan, Jeric had to fully fund his housing, living, and education expenses. Over the years he would go from odd job to odd job, working as a janitor, service crew, and even household help. Sometimes it was his teachers who were the most help, letting him stay in their homes and offering him food. 

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Because of all the hard work and effort he put into finally reaching the finish line, he truly thought his parents would at least make it to the day he earned his degree in Criminology. Sadly, as he looked around his graduation venue, the Philippine International Convention Center, the realization that they had skipped the event brought him to tears. 

sad graduate

When his name was called he further broke down as he had to walk up the stage alone when all his batch mates had someone supporting them. Seeing this, his kind professors took initiative and marched him up the stage. More than just being teachers, they had taken him in and proven themselves as second parents. 

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Aside from that silver lining in the story, he shares that he also learned something, at the very least. That whatever his parents have put him through has made him into the person he is today. And that is something he can appreciate. 

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