Stream Engine Studios presents “Best Quest” Animated Show

Stream Engine Studios presents “Best Quest” Animated Show1958161_491815880923430_295760769_n


Stream Engine Studios, an animation studio that makes explainer videos that has branched out to exploring and producing local made animations, announced the debut of their new show called Best Quest.

“Best Quest is an irreverent, underdog comedy,” says creator, Matt Barretto. “My co-creators Lentz Chun and Sandoy Manalastas, and I felt that it would be funny to envision
an epic, medieval fantasy that’s more laid back and doesn’t take itself too seriously and with the help of CEO Gino Caparas we would like to try out something new to the animation industry here in the Philippines which is having a community based gamified animation.”

Best Quest is an animated show about four young warriors trying to look cool in a world of dragons, wizards and stuff. Follow the Mort, Nate, Keenan, and Len-Fray on their quest for gold, girls, and glory.

Stream Engine Studios is a creative production house specializing in creating online motion graphics videos which help companies explain their products, promos, and processes faster and better than a picture or a long narrative. We’ve seen that videos can explain things in two minutes what a speaker or a book can fully explain in twenty- it’s more entertaining, too.





Stream Engine Studios presents “Best Quest” Animated Show